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Error message on launch after newest patch

On launching the app, this screen appears and it is not possible to advance forward.

Model: iPhone 6s


Same, I even updated my version through TestFlight and still nothing.

IPhone 6

Yep same error here to, iPhone 6s Plus. Seems like the game is reading the version that is not the same as the patch one. Hopefully a fix soon, Duelyst on the go is a must <3

Says the lucky few. :expressionless:
I am still waiting.

Unless my memory deceives me, this has happened after every patch since mobile beta released. New patch for PC, non working one for mobile, then a second patch fixing mobile a week or so later.

I assume it’ll be fixed soon. I can’t imagine it’s easy to be both developing the mobile platform in its entirety AND adjusting to patches as they come.

I disagree, I remember playing games immediately after the mobile patch following PC updates.

On an unrelated note, the bug regarding the first card of an Orb being unable to be revealed has been here for a while now. Just curious as to why it hasn’t been fixed.

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There are plenty of bugs that have been around for a while, I believe the white screen of death is still in the game.

In regards to the blocked card, it can be avoided by letting the full animation play out. Still a bit of an annoyance, but hey.

Same thing with me.

Anyone got their app to work? Am here refreshing god damn TestFlight every minute :frowning: Plz Bix it I need meh Vetruvian

Still no fix. Hope it gets resolved soon

We’ll get the IOS Beta back one day!

I still have nothing :frowning:
Any word on the update? I imagine it should be soon now that the expansion is out.

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