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Erronous client-side mana display when casting a spell to dispel Archon Spellbinder



When playing a spell that dispels an opponent’s Archon Spellbinder, both players’ clients will show the casting player as having one more mana than they should, as though the spell’s cost was not reduced. Attempting to actually spend that extra mana will result in the casting player getting a “We hit a snag!” error, and upon loading back in, they will see themselves with the proper amount of mana.

Operating System:


Game Client:



Bug Report Details

Here’s some screenshots of the gauntlet match in which I originally encountered the bug; the replay displays the mana incorrectly just like in the game itself.

Start of opponent’s turn

After opponent played the Sun Bloom, note that the battle log shows the cost correctly, but their mana is displaying as 5/7 instead of 4/7

Afterwards, ElDynamite and I tested it further, and confirmed that it happens with Sun Bloom, Chromatic Cold, and Syphon Energy, but not Egg Morph (ie. dispels only, and it doesn’t matter whether it dispels the tile or the minion itself), and that the mana displays incorrectly for both players.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Have opponent play an Archon Spellbinder
  2. Play Sun Bloom, Chromatic Cold, or Syphon Energy to dispel the Spellbinder. Your mana total will display as though the spell was played with its original mana cost
  3. Attempt to use the rest of your remaining mana. Once you try to spend the erronously displayed extra mana, you’ll be booted to the “We hit a snag!” screen, and upon reloading into the game you’ll see yourself with the correct amount of mana.