EnlightenedOwl S Rank Deck of the Month- Jan 2017


Sometimes I have creative decks for you guys. Sometimes I don’t. This month is the latter. Here’s my list-

Faie Bloodwing

1x Aspect of the Fox
3x Helm of Mechaz0r
3x Azure Herald
3x Chromatic Cold
3x Frigid Corona
3x Wings of Mechaz0r
3x Cannon of Mechaz0r
1x Enfeeble
3x Sojourner
3x Sword of Mechaz0r
3x Chassis of Mechaz0r
2x Spelljammer
3x Dancing Blades
3x Frostburn
2x Meltdown

Azure Herald and Dancing Blades are important because you are, in essence, a combo deck. Your only real win conditions are Mechzodia and Meltdown. Therefore, your goal is basically just to stall stall stall- stay alive until you have one of your win conditions online. The deck has a ton of card draw for that same reason- you’re stalling and digging for combo pieces.

This deck doesn’t have a lot of room for changes. You need all Mechzodia pieces (I thoroughly disagree with builds that do not run three copies of all of them) and spells like Frigid Corona and Chromatic Cold are just way too good not to play. I guess Meltdown could be a different win condition, but as much as I LOATHE the design of the card (F00K RNG), and as many games as I lost due to flat out Meltdown 50/50s, it’s probably your best best for that slot.

I liked the Spelljammers generally, but there are definitely matchups, such as Songhai or swarm Abyssian, where they’re beyond awful. As such, 2 feels like the right number to me. We can get away with it since we have Corona and Sojourners as well. There are definitely times where it feels like there is just no opportunity to play it. In virtually any instance where you could play either Spelljammer or Chassis, it’s better to play Chassis.

One thing to consider- and I think this is a very good option- is to cut the Azure Heralds and Dancing Blades for 3x Enfeeble and 3x Blistering Skorn. We already have 1 Enfeeble, so you’d have an extra spot to do whatever with, but that’s beside the point. The point is that it gives you a reliable and powerful complete board wipe, which is really good for what we’re trying to do. It buys us time and keeps us relatively safe while we work to assemble our combo pieces and it also gives you answers to Provoke minions, other Mechaz0rs and swarm Abyssian decks. I think this combo is very powerful and well worth a look.

Also, Enfeeble is deceptively good on its own. Enfeeble + Sword of Mechaz0r wipes absolutely everything around it. Enfeeble + Cannon of Mechaz0r is an insta kill on whatever Cannon shoots. Enfeeble + Faie BBS kills any minion in the same row as the opposing general. Enfeeble sometimes functions as a dispel too. If you Enfeeble their Ironcliffe Guardian you might as well have dispelled it. Of course, there are exceptions to this last part, as a 1/1 Lantern Fox or Aymara Healer still trigger upon death. That’s part of why we have Aspect of the Fox. It’s a dispel and it combos with Frostburn to insta kill whatever is targeted. For those reasons I think a second Aspect of the Fox (especially if you make the Enfeeble/Skorn changes discussed above and therefore have an extra spot anyway) is well worth consideration.

Also, do not be afraid to drop Mechzodia all up in their grill. It does not need to hide in a corner and do its ranged thing. Sometimes this is best, but against decks with ranged dispel effects, such as Sun Bloom, this is generally a misplay. I put my Mechzodia in their face as opposed to in the corner at least half the time.

This meta is lame, Mechaz0r decks being viable is lame and heavy RNG cards like Meltdown are lame. So yeah… Not my personal favorite month of Duelyst.

Happy Gaming all! <3


Hey there, I finally made this deck and it is surprisingly strong. I’m using the version with 3 enfeeble and 3 skorns for a board wipe at seven mana if I’m losing. After few games i swapped dancing blades for 3 heart sisters, which allows me to play big mech in the far corner and if hes dispelled i move him closer. Also synergies well with sword of mech. and BBS. I kept 1 frostburn but find it really situational may swap it for another aspect. Thanks for sharing always have blast with your decks. Keep up good work :smiley:


No Concealing Shroud in this slow combo deck? Will try this one :slight_smile: .


But is this deck more powerful than Trinity Zoo?


I love trinity zoo but its really hard to play. One mistake and you lose. I got stuck with it in rank 4. Ten games with this deck and im rank 2. Never made it to S before but have a good feeling with this one. Great against abyssian.


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