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Endless Hunt for Vespyr Decks?


Lately, even before the 1.96 patch, I was experimenting with Vespyr desks and I want your thoughts about the spell Endless Hunt (4 Mana: Summon a 3/3 Vespyr Night Howler.
Put an Endless Hunt into your action bar.)

1.) How is it in terms of an unlimited source of Vespyrs to react with?

2.) Do I really need more than two of these in my desk due to the regenerating nature of the card?

3.) Does the regenerating nature of the spell lessen the need for dedicated card draw (i.e. Sojourner and Spelljammer) in a Vanar deck?

  1. It’s more a very solid card you should be running anyways.

  2. The amount you run is based on how many minions you play.
    30+: 1-0
    20+: 2
    0+: 3

  3. Run 2-3 Blue Conjurer and 3 Frigid Corona. Endless Hunt is not a draw card, just an Endless Source of minions.


3.it is sort of a psuedo draw, it let you drop a minion for no cards and refill your hand.
In terms of control matches (not vespyr) it let you choke out your opponent with 2 3/3 or 4/4 until your wincon comes up.
In shines in vespyr where plate makes them into monsters and might count them as a buff source.

For vespyrs - the synergies are super tied anyways.
Elemental will proc from it, so is voice of the wind, you can buff it with might and frostfire and fly it.
However plate and might are the winners on this one.


Gosh, I read the title as you were on an endless quest for vespyr decks rather than the actual card :sweat_smile:

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