End of session vanar decks - snowshot's chill vault of decks


Doesn’t interact, as the summon only occurs after the attack, not simultaneously (while the +2/+2 occurs mid-attack). Even so, the two together already can be easily become a 6+ Attack amp if you’re well set, and the other in-deck interactions covers up nicely.


Pretty much the 2 top decks don’t run removal. Fault should drop off soon as Wanderer Rag is an overwhelming presence and even Fault doesn’t use removal much. In this meta the only decks played should be Wanderer Rag and decks designed to beat it but some people are dumb.

Wanderer Rag and Fault Vet relly on tempo to win, you play removal when you’re losing but when you’re deck is ahead in tempo you’re not in that kind of position.

Although my list runs 12 removal options 9 are because they do other things and Fox shits on the Wanderer match-up, if I wanted removal I would use Prison but there isn’t a need.


I’m curious why we don’t see Aspect of the Wyrm in many Nemeton lists. It’s easier to proc than dowager. It doesn’t seem to me to be the worst aspect token. Or is it just not necessary with all the other options?


This thread has the most Reliquarian-stun-token -Nemeton decks I’ve seen in one place.

I love it.


Via user @Ryvirath for those interested.


Simple, garbage card.


Dowager (3 mana). Wyrm (4 mana + needs a minion).
Dowager > Wyrm on ease of proc trial.


Thinking about @icicle’s polarity deck I really don’t understand the reason to play manaforger in the list with half of spells costing 0 mana. And Aethermaster has better synergy with Araras.


That makes sense. I imagine it’s somewhat situational tho. The ability to turn a 3x3 block of minions into flyers can be super strong.


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