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End of session vanar decks - snowshot's chill vault of decks


having spent a long time on ladder this month i encountered little to no vanar players (beside a one really persistent wall kara list), i decided then to put a few lists from all over the map some of them are on s right now, some i don’t know but they sure do look interesting.
some i encountered some i have not, but they all look fun.

disclaimer - all of the decks have been built by advanced players with the needed knowledge of the faction to make a deck work as well as being an original.

those who noted with s rank meaning decks i encountered in s rank and know that was that deck that made the climb.
other decks i don’t know about however most of the decks are carried by s rankers so there is a good reason to believe they’ll work as well on ladder as well.

@wardl fast nemeton (s rank deck)

“here’s the list. The idea is to get the trial done as early as possible. Using Ilena makes it easier to use Disciple of Yggdra which is one of the stickiest tokens.”

@scarzig true nemeton, watched it on stream and it looks great, one of the more mesmerizing nemeton decks i had watched in play, pretty strong.

@icicle (through scarzig) owlbeast polarity, fairly cheap (in vanar’s standards) utilizing arcanysts and owlbeast for polarity and swarm dmg.

reliqlist by shadowfox.

@snowshot locke + embla (s rank deck) control ramp pure wall vanar with addition of locke for extra memes.

@sonofmakuta ramp + torture, i have my reasons to belive this is a monster one (+pandora finally sees the light of day)

@icicle positional big boy deck (never saw it in action but heard some crazy things

@epicflygon the best midrange faie player’s (no kidding) go-to toolbox.

@snowshot wall nemeton (s rank deck) control nemeton carry by embla and aspects and utilize tokens and walls to the fullest. started as a meme and became a full on menace on wheels.

feel free to add yours in the comment, i’ll update it from time to time.

if any of these intrest you please contact the creator and ask for whatever it is you want to know, or here.



What a wonderful lists! Thanks for compiling them here, @snowshot!

Fast Memeton and Polarity list both catch my attention, I’ll probably try them next season!

Bookmarked :wink:

Also in general I think Illena is the best dedicated Memeton general not only due to Voracity but also due to her stall. What do you think?

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i believe it is to be true, voracity is one of the best tokens that can take an offensive stance and still stick to the board, the only problem i have with her is the tendency to stay in the front lines (aggressive) in order to reach and remove.
though it seems like the pressure nemeton creating is enough to remove the attention from your general to your minions and let you remove fairly easy.

  • the longer the game the more tokens you can drop in a turn which adds to the pressure.
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While Snowshot can add it, I think I can go into depth on Midrange but the deck needs lots more testing and I’m simply not willing to do it as this game isn’t for me anymore.

Like this post/reply if you want to see it.



Gosh I love this but Vanar expensive lists are sure expensive. Also bookmarked for future use.

Thanks a lot @Snowshot!



Uhm, nice lists, thanks for sharing. Now some questions…

When i first wanted to make a memetown deck i thought about ilena for the yggdra but i felt like it needed too much babysitting. I mean, you play it on 4 mana and it’s very threatening but then you cant rely on just your bbs to keep it alive, can you? So it kinda forces you to take flash freeze aswell, which i dont like very much… Annnd also iceshatter doesnt convince me much aswell, but as soon as i have enough spirit for the yggdras i think i’ll give it a try.

About the drake dowager… Does anyone actually ever had it proc? XD before i had the spirit to craft my actual deck, i tried them and out of something like 20 games it never turned. It’s kinda ok cause the enemy general stops attacking but most of the time i played an out of reach 3/3 for 3 mana that did nothing…

Annnd thicket augur… It’s just me or that card, not used by kara, screams blisteringhostkraterlightning everywhere? Idk it just seem an underdog gravity well to me, but maybe i should give them a try.



Yggdra you smack face once and it’s enough value, if you’re smart you can bait your opponent to activate Drake and because mobody plays removal you can proc him. Thicket Augur is mandatory in all Nemetown lists.

Nenetown isn’t a meme either as it’s rouge but not true rouge.



The nice thing with Drake Dowager in Nemeton is that the sentinel form counts as a token. So wether it is procced or not it generates one token.
I got Drake Dowager to proc fairly often with the help of Gravity Wells and Thicket Augurs.

It’s true that a most of the tokens in the deck die to ping and most of Magmar’s AoE removal but you can’t prevent everything.



Added this to the wiki :slight_smile: Thanks!



Vanar is one of my favourite faction but since i re-started to play duelyst i don’t have a lot of userfull cards for new vanar decks. Ty for the lists



Local madman Ilena main here, although with a slightly different approach than OP’s to her.

Ilena, by definition, is a general that needs a good lot more of babysitting for she’s the Sajj/Ragnora of Vanar. To play her properly, you have to get in character and think, feel and act as an overprotective angry granny shakin’ her ol’ beatin’ schtikk, lad, and your minions are your babies/cats. You exist to clear mobs with face/spells while building a little army.

I’ll need to revise it, but if you’re afraid of not having much threat power with the usual gear she bears, i’ll have at you ASAP a Vespyrquarian setup. I feel you’ll be more comfortable having an Animus Plate and forcing the enemy into painful decisions (such as “do i go face for DEMGZ or do i sacrifice my mobs to clear those 4/4 Maerids?”).


Suggestion for Trial

Uhm yeah yggdra is probably worth it, might give it a try. Still not convinced on drake, if they see you have the trial, if they attack with the general it’s because they kill your dowager in the same turn…no one wants to give free 4/4 with flying, especially if it counts as token for the trial…

Most of the time i used it, even if the general was surrounded by gravity wells they preferred not to attack, which stalls the game and it’s ok but it wont proc the dowager

About thicket augur idk, it seem a low value minion. My list is far from being optimized but i can pull memetown more often than i thought even without the augur.

But then again, it’s like maybe a week i’m playing it, doing experiments, guess i have to try more stuff



People don’t run removal, neither do they punch into the sentinel.



:confused: You put my name in the wrong place.



I’d love to counterargue



I’m sorry but have you talked to any top player? They all say that removal isn’t ran in most top decklists.



Hmm, cant imagine a deck that runs no removal…Maybe it is because I play only Abyss/Magmar and removal is just staple, eh, also, the punching part happens only vs abyss cuz they always lure it



Fixed it XD


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I give you the Frosthammer.



How does the Howling artifact interact with Animus plate? Does it spawn, then buff, or otherwise