End of season rewards


Quick question, you get 1 free copy of a common/rare/epic or legendary at the end of the season depending on what rank you got, right? Do you only get 1 reward depending on your rank, or do you get multiple if you’ve got many ranks? Example, I’m at diamond right now, does that mean I get an epic from silver rank, a legendary from gold, and a rare from diamond? Or am I only getting a single rare card for all of my trouble? Because if that’s the case I’d much rather have camped at gold rank for the free legendary as opposed to putting in the work to get to diamond for a measly rare which isnt likely to aid in my collection.

  • Highest Achieved Rank 20 Loot Crate Reward: 1 x Monthly Epic + Spirit + Gold
  • Highest Achieved Rank 10 Loot Crate Reward: 1 x Monthly Legendary + 1 x Monthly Epic + Spirit + Gold
  • Highest Achieved Rank 5 Loot Crate Reward: 1 x Monthly Rare + 1 x Monthly Legendary + 1 x Monthly Epic + Spirit + Gold
  • Highest Achieved Rank: S-Rank Loot Crate Reward: 1 x Monthly Common + 1 x RANDOM Legendary + 1 x Monthly Rare + 1 x Monthly Legendary + 1 x Monthly Epic + Spirit + Gold


Since your diamond, you would get that month’s rare, epic, and legendary card (1 copy), plus an apportioned amount of dust and spirit. For cards however:

Silver: monthly epic
Gold: monthly epic and legendary
Diamond: monthly epic, legendary, and rare
S-rank: all monthly cards plus one random legendary
(from what I know, I’m not exactly sure how much gold or dust they award end of season, and I believe bronze division players get no reward).


Rewards don’t stack.


See now I’m confused because that contradicts what the 2 above you said.


I just answered your question more directly while they gave you very specific answer. They are all correct and we all mean the same thing so no biggie.


Alright, thank you guys so much!~ :slight_smile:


Watchu Talkin about? If you are diamond you get the rare epic and the legendary, so they stack.


Don’t mind him, he’s famous for bad attitude and sarcastic replies. Mocking you while answering your question.


What he means is you don’t get the rewards for 20, for 10, and for 5, which would be 3 epics, 2 legendaries, and 1 rare, as described by the specifics given by the other posts. He means that the rewards are exactly as specified, not stacked.


See, the way I interpreted the question was “Do I only get an extra rare for reaching Diamond, because if so it’s not worth my time. Or do I get all the rewards I would have gotten for reaching gold again, plus a rare?”. In this context, my answer is correct.

Now you can bash me for misunderstanding the question, or even call me a liar and say how I’m purposely spreading misinformation if you believe that’s what I’m doing, but how the hell are those two replies I made sarcastic or are showing bad attitude? At least I tried to contribute to the thread while you did nothing but shit on a person for no good reason. Bravo :slight_smile:


I appreciate it Raqyee, I understand how my question could be misunderstood, I’m very tired and probably didn’t phrase it as well as I could have. I was under the impression you only received one reward for your rank unless you reached S, in which case you would receive 1 copy of each reward. (As in, you get 1 monthly legendary for gold, and no epic for reaching silver, or only receive a rare for reaching diamond, and no epic or legendary.) I didn’t know that you would get 1 of each for every rank you achieved.


The problem you’re doing is that you’re nitpicking specific parts of his questions to purposefully make a reply that is obviously gonna try a person into confusion. Like OP showed.

Instead of avoiding the nitpicking and “word plays” that you like so much, you could’ve just gave a straightforward answer. Now the problem with your “contributions” to threads are in fact undeniable. But the problem lies with how you like to add in “bad attitude”, “sarcasm” and borderline mockery into your responses which you are known for.

Some guy even posted the fact that you came from reddit and was known for this specific attitude. I don’t deny what you said, but it’s apparent what you’re doing because I’ve seen you replying to people’s questions in this manner so many times I’ve lost count.


A minor increase in gold and spirit too, but yeah. This is why I recommend that newer players take their time going up the ladder, and avoid entering diamond unless they are confident they can have a good win rate in that bracket. When you are starting you have two main goals: build your collection, and learn how every faction and playstyle in the game work. Both are better accomplished staying in silver/gold than jumping to diamond and having to deal with a frustrating and unproductive low win rate.

I know others will disagree with this philosophy, and that’s fine. If you want to go higher in the ladder though, know that you are doing it only for the challenge and bragging rights. Divided by the number of games played and the time required, the end-of-month rewards are very small, and the delta between diamond and gold is the smallest of all.