EMP intended Interaction?


Here’s the interaction in question:
EMP consumes full(?) mana when ramped with golem metallurgist
7/7 mana
2 metallurgists on hand
summon emp
0/7 mana left

Same with 6 mana for some reason:
6/6 mana
2 metallurgists on hand
summon emp
0/6 mana left

I’ve been careful 99% of the times i’ve played emp so this never bothered me and has always been second nature to summon something before emp. it does strike me as odd tho. Mana payment should come before emp’s dispel right?


Known inconsistency, was already reported in the forums.


oh. hope it gets fixed next patch then.


Cp and patches :joy:


aye we finally had like 2-3 fixes last update waves.
gotta believe it’ll happen yo


There are some bugs that exist for ages. Like sentinel interactions. Well, this bug is one of those. I don’t think it’s going to be fixed ever.


This is known for a long time and works as intended. Apparently, EMP’s OG, or any OG, happens before mana crystals are spent. So it drops, dispels your Metalurgist, and therefore takes all your Mana at six. I think you actually have -1 mana at that time. Try gaining mana afterwards and see, If you are at 1 or still at 0.

Edit: Tested it. After EMP hits the board on six mana, you are at 0 mana, not -1. I gained a mana crystal afterwards and gained it. So no negative mana in the game.


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