Emotional Support Thread


Not criticizing the game here, I just need to get this off my chest.

For background, I’m a fairly casual diamond player. I had a ton of fun for awhile with an unorthodox skorn sarlac lilith deck (took me to rank 3 though I never pushed to S) but, unlike standard decks, it got murdered by the changes to skorn and rite (late turns could get extremely mana tight). I’ve been sitting in diamond for about a week trying to find some other hipster deck to play but I’ve been completely and utterly unsuccessful and all my experiments have fallen flat on their faces. As a result I’m just feeling a real low now in terms of my enjoyment of the game and playing it is just making me more sad. I just want to find another hipster deck to play that I could really call my own invention but, well, deckbuilding has been a lot tougher for me lately than it was around shimzar release.

Thanks for listening, that’s all I really wanted to say. If anyone else needs some emotional support then I guess this would be a good place to post. =)


The expansion’s not far off! Save up some gold/2700 spirit and as soon as that thing drops, I guarantee you everything you make will feel that way and plenty of it will after the dust and meta settle.

Just don’t look up other people’s evaluations of cards, just go with your gut.


Yes, you said it, basically precisely what I wanted to say. Thanks aloe vera :slight_smile:


Oh and if anything is named Korn with a 4/5 body with 2 immediate abilities just insta buy 3 copies… You’ll get ur dust back when they nerfed it in 3 months


He really is like Aloe Vera, isn’t he? He makes everything feel better xD


Was intending on taking a hiatus from Duelyst, I guess I might not. Was feeling irritated at having to put up with Magmar. (I still hate Makantor and refuse to believe it could be balanced in any way). Trying to play Healyonar and Vetruvian, so I guess there’s the problem. I guess I’ll keep trying, hitting diamond for 5 months but never S is kinda disheartening, I’ll admit that.


Since when is she nicknamed aloe vera XD


She, he, make up your mind guise.

OT: If your goal is to find a hipster deck that will actually work, at least in ranks 5 or above, you’re going to have a bad time unless you’re a meta breaking genius.


Wow you think MAGMAR is the problem faction in the past few months. You just wait till we get a that 1/1 minion with celerity and Rush next expansion.


I meant Magmar is MY problem faction. Anything else?


In here, somewhere in the OP, I think in the “don’t” section. He references mael as aloe vera because of his profile pic. So now that’s the new nickname.


You know, I feel bad because I actually read this whole thing facepalm

@raqyee I’ll settle with a “she”, we need more feminine presence on this board XD


In times like these, I like to post memes on the forums, go to cat cafes (apparently they are now a thing in Canada), and think back to that time when I myself pulled off a tilting play/game.

If you want hipster decks, might I recommend Mono faction decks? These decks only use cards from one faction, no neutrals, and thus encourage some weird, obscure cards.


Well after tasting hipster success once it’s hard to go back to simple meat and potatoes memeing.

Thanks everyone, the the kind comments feel nice. =)


Once in Diamond, if your goal is to reach S, you go Tempo Argeon or Fast Cass, as everyone and his mother.
Obey the Meta.

On the other hand, if you want to have fun in Diamond, there are plenty goofy decks out there. My advice is you should give up on grinding ladder with some “I-don’t-play-the-same-deck-as-everyone” deck.

Train your Azurite Lion, and send him shit some Immolated Slo in the middle of enemy lines. With some practice, you may do it faster than your opponent and reach S :wink:


I had lost a lot of interest in the game after the last patch and for several days did only quests. The last 3 however I haven’t even done that.

And I’m sad to report that it feels better not playing than playing right now.

I hope this won’t be a permanent thing, but this is where I am now as a result of the last three months of cumulative changes in the game – and the lack of interesting additions.

I’m sure most people won’t care but… well, I used to be pretty damned high on this game. I played a lot, I streamed a lot, I talked up the game a lot. I’m not sure what will bring that back again. I know what definitely will not: another expansion filled with legendaries I need to be competitive but I cannot get without spending a fortune. I am not doing that again.


New set is supposed to be around 40 cards, so I’d assume less than 10 will be legends. Of that maybe a handful will be that good or necessary for any given deck. Don’t give up hope qeltar!

Beyond that, you could try to learn Gauntlet. Same set of cards, full access sort of, similar gameplay (but more emphasis on minions than removal).

I’m holding out hope for a qeltar revival :?)


Bad to read that. What’s the issue with the game? I hope the new expansion will revive interest


Qeltar, no! ゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。━━━ン!!!


It’s a combination of things for me, some of which I think are objectively a problem and some of which are subjectively my issue.

  1. I’ve tried Gauntlet several times, even paid for coaching, and have come to the conclusion that it just isn’t for me. Especially right now where nearly every game is against a heartseeker-spamming Reva or boring aggro Faice deck.

  2. Ladder is not fun at all. I’m too good for gold, but not good enough / not willing to spend the effort to grind through diamond. Playing ranked matches in diamond is tedious and frustrating.

  3. There’s nothing else to do but Gauntlet and dealing with overly-serious diamond players “desperate” to get to S rank. Since day one I have been suggesting, requesting, begging for other game modes. They don’t even appear to be on the radar.

  4. The change to quests has moved them from something I looked forward to, to something that feels like an obligation.

  5. The change to gold earning makes it no longer feel worthwhile to try to play to earn gold.

  6. Despite spending an obscene amount of money on this game, I am short dozens of legendaries which make it hard to make interesting decks, so I can’t easily tinker with deckbuilding and fun play.

  7. Another expansion is about to come out that will force me to either spend a ton more money or fall even further behind. I do not feel inclined to reward what they did with Shim’zar, and their refusal to apologize for it, by preordering another expansion. Keith’s handling of this issue was insulting.

  8. I’ve received virtually no support at all as a small streamer. There’s a “streamer program” that I was told would be amazing when I started back in August. I got a couple of emails from the third party handling it and have heard not a word since. The contact person now doesn’t even return my emails asking what my status is in the program. I’ve tried asking CPG people to look into this and while I have received responses, nothing has actually happened there either. The only people getting any exposure are the people who are already established. And ironically, smaller streamers who could benefit from orbs and gold to build their collections and have more varied streams, get nothing, while the big names get swag they don’t even need and just give it away.

My stream is non-profit and meant for fun and education. All I want is to show up in the in-game listing so people will actually attend so we can play games against each other, get better, etc. But it seems CPG would rather have their live stream section contain only big names or be empty. I don’t like talking to myself so I am trying other games to stream.

Have I given up on Duelyst? No. But I’m extremely disappointed with how the company has handled things over the last few months, and if nothing changes soon (and I don’t mean a cash-grab expansion) then I am moving on. And if they lose me, you can be sure they are losing a lot of others, because I was probably this game’s biggest cheerleader in late summer / early autumn.

I’m in the alpha program for two games similar to Duelyst. Let me tell you, CPG had best right this ship and get it sailing swiftly ASAP because there’s some serious competition on the way.