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My latest creation. Loving the new expansion. Not too many new cards but the devs did a very good job of keeping diversity that enabled a lot of strategies to become stronger

Not really a hard puzzle, and there were probably easier, less flashy solutions-

But was pretty fun to pull off.

Anyway just a little preface, I generally don’t like to post my decks on here until I think they have been tweaked as good as they can be tweaked, but in this case I need help. I have always been a fan of control and frankly, having this low of a curve is giving me trouble with deckbuilding. If anyone has suggestions please let me know.

Gameplan is hurting yourself, but there are 3 different ways to hurt yourself.

  1. You hurt yourself and your opponent to kill them/get ready for lethal soon. Not always for lethal, often times Midgame a 7 HP lifeswing can be detrimental. Don’t put yourself into lethal range though.

  2. You hurt yourself and your opponent, but CS(Concealing Shroud) prevents self damage.

  3. You hurt yourself and possibly your opponent to gain value/approval from your group of Emo friends sitting on the stairs during lunch.

I got the idea from the Shroud/Artifact Vanar, I was like dang this guy is getting real value from his card synergy. How can I push that to the limit? This is the way I believe. I have discovered that I don’t actually dislike aggro, it is just that I really really like getting good value out of my plays.

Shroud protects artifact charges, encourages you to trade more aggressively(finish off large minions, chip away enemy artifacts,) and prevents self damage from double edged sources.

I really enjoy these strategies because there are options. Realistically, you will play 2-4 CS each match. Alcuin is a fun card. This allows you to simply push for free face damage, proc effects on minions, or try to seize board control. Generally, greedy control oriented value minions are slow and do not play well vs aggro, but this deck does just fine.

Please let me know of any suggestions for improvements, or even any strategies that you think might work well. It has been ages since I have played such an aggressive deck(aggressive for me) and Vanar is also my least played class followed only by Songhai. Hope you enjoyed reading, and hope to wreck some of you guys on ladder!


Interesting idea mate :slight_smile: I can see that you have full of answers in your deck, so it can be super annoying. I’d equip myself w 3 Snowpiercers cuz it works so great w CS


Ok thanks I’ll give it a shot. I think I will take out 1 A of the Fox because a lot of times I find myself replacing it. Also would help make the curve slightly more desirable. Yeah all the answers I like to run are showing that I am a control player at heart haha


That sounds fine :slight_smile: replace it by another Alcuin. Copying other faction’s good spell also feels gooood


Haha, yeah one of my favorite things to do. I copied a Trinity Oath the other day which was absolutely bonkers and most likely won me the game


White Asp for more control, nice synergy with CS.

Don’t want to sound insulting, but that self-damage/RubyRifter combo looks like an over-expensive Magmar Rancour copy :stuck_out_tongue: … but still attractive. Too bad I’m one RRifter short to test it :confused:


White Asp is a good idea, I have 2x already so definitely will test it. Ruby Rifter is more for the board prescence for the card cycle, and if you can get lethal with it then it is awesome. Also if they dispel it then there is one less dispel for your face.

Ruby Rifter as a 1X would be perfectly acceptable. Against classes with Ranged Transform Removal I usually don’t play it at all unless they have already used 1 or 2 copies/are almost out of cards.


I could be wrong, but I think healing gambits to assist in drawing out game and then swapping out Sunset Paragon with a stronger body card. These are my suggestions because it doesn’t look like there is a lot of closing potential; this may help in finishing games off better. Maybe drop out a Frigid Corona.

I’d think White Asp over Snowpiercer too (if you have it).

Main candidates:
Healing Mystic and/or Azure Herald OVER Hearth-Sister
White Asp OVER Snowpiercer

Other candidates for consideration:
-Dreamgazer (for the self damage, could work ok in tandem with Aspect of Fox)
-Chaos Elemental (bizarre to suggest, but it may actually psynergize better than one’d think. maybe :smile:)
-Grincher (due to above reasons, i really like this one though)
-Red Synja (could cause some serious wreckage)

Really think healing gambits will help above anything else. That’s just my opinion :slight_smile:


I have been trying out White Asp, and I really like it. Gonna give the rest of your suggestions tries as well, thanks for the input.


For the Winter is cold and full of terrors :slight_smile:


Didn’t even see you suggested White Asp :smile: What I get for just going through the deck list haha


I see that none of your 2-drops have the “optimal stats”: 2/3 or 1/4. Is it fine? Your 2-drops could be killed off with a single punch from the opponent general, and it’s kinda important to win the mid-game board.


Yeah this is definitely a problem. I hate playing Flameblood on turn 1 because it dies to bloodtear. I am replacing some cards for Healing Mystic/Azure Herald


Don’t forget too share your refined (Spinecleaver/Mystics etc) version please :wink:


Spinecleaver?? It’s an artifact for Vetruvian dude
Did you mean that 4 cost 3 durability thing that spawns Blazing Spines if your general kills a minion (I forgot the name of that artifact also)?


Yeah, mistake on the name, White Asp, as I already said in previous message :stuck_out_tongue:


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