Embla...Baby I love you!


Just played Embla for the first time tonight and wow. She won the game for me almost by herself, in my control Kara. Anyone else given her a try?


I haven’t opened her myself, but I think she is going to have the same strength and weakness as the other wall summoning spells. If they have an answer to remove the walls in one card(Lightbender, Plasma Storm, Tempest, etc…) then you don’t get much value. However, if they are forced to trade into the walls and they have their mobility limited by provokes and body blocking then you start getting some value.

At least if you get your walls removed, then you still have a good body on the field to keep fighting.


Post decklist plz!


@rubsmon Thanks for the interest, but honestly the deck is in a very rough state, at the moment. It’s a Kara deck that avoids going all in on walls and utilizes arcanysts to take advantage of her BBS.

Embla is a finisher I had just slotted in that day, so more testing is definitely required.

Wow, she just did it again. Surrounded the Argeon with five blazing spines and four bonechills. Forced him to use multiple cards just to free himself.


She is a pretty strong grandmaster imo, using call of the wild or aspect of the mountains can instanly finish the game for you


Im really loving these grandmasters, all of them seem to have game winning effects. Feels bad to be Magmar and Lyonar rn


She’s strong (even though she always summons 1 gravity well and the rest as bonechill barriers), and I would love to see a more refined wall Vanar list using her ^^


As a Lyonar player I actually like grandmaster zir, because he directly counters all the other grandmaster.


U dont cry when they dispel him before you get any value out of him? Or egg morph him.
All the other grandmasters get instant value when played


I can always summon him before u die then suicide bam instant value


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