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Hello there,

It’s been a long time coming, and I haven’t really touched this game in approximately a year and two months as of me having come back almost 2 weeks ago.

Even back then, I was still fairly new, I played for a month before leaving since I really had no units to make a competitive deck, as I wasn’t working and decided to venture on with Hearthstone. Now that I have a whole faction collection, things have went my way and I’m really enjoying this game.

So, two weeks ago, after returning, I invested some money into this game (Approximately 50$ in total) and I about own the whole set of Vetruvean. Now, after just two weeks (I’m not sure how difficult it is, but I’ve always been an extremely competitively powerful player when it comes to strategy games; Hearthstone, Poxnora, Yugioh, all of which I made myself into the top rankings), I’m Diamond 4 here, and I’m hoping it’s an accomplishment, lmao.

I’m turning 20 years old in a month, and I’m a Criminology/Law student at the University of Ottawa. I’m a casual athlete, and hit the gym 4-6 times a week depending on my work schedule. I’ve been a gamer my whole life, and that’s where my heart will always be. I look forward to meeting the community and familiarizing myself with the many of you, and hopefully, make it into the competitive scene.


Congrats on reaching Diamond! And awesome that you gave the game some money, it keeps it alive.

Welcome to the forums!


Welcome to the land of the lost…


Hello and Welcome back!

I wish I knew how much money would be enough to ensure the growth of the game.

If at any point in time I should have 50€ floating around I’d really like to spend it.

Duelyst… wait for me until I have a proper job!


Welcome to Duelyst!


o/ you are welcomed to the glorious vetruvian imperium. making diamond in a couple weeks is not an easy feat and I hope you make it into the top ranks at some point, I would check out the tournament scene as soon as you feel ready as those are a lot of fun :smiley:


welcome (back) to the game!

check this if you ever need help finding a deck to ladder with


@theywillbleed You’ll notice in the power ranking @loliconartist provided that cataclysmic fault Vetruvian is basically the most powerful deck in the game right now. Try it out, it’s super stupid.

Oh, and welcome back to Duelyst. Enjoy your stay!


@theywillbleed i remember otking you a few days ago, however WELCOME!
Venture into the frosty hills and mountain in your own time.


Uh, I actually have a legal question.

If my opponent uses lyo giggle emote more than 2 times in a turn, am I allowed to make him vet sleep permanently?

Also, welcome to hell the forums, take a ticket, Serpenti will be right with you.


Welcome! It’s always nice to see semi new faces. Glhf!


Welcome! You almost chose the right faction :stuck_out_tongue: If you have a full Vet collection, definitely try out some expensive Vet dying wish decks (there are lists of these floating around but they’re mostly outdated). Key cards are 3x Corpse Combustion, Reliquarian and Aymara Healer.


Probably. If it was an OTK Sanghai or the guy that managed to pull off the Magmar combo because I didn’t draw any of my removals, or that new OTK Vanar, then it was probably you. Otherwise, I don’t remember an OTK deck other than those that beat me under Diamond. @snowshot


the vanar one


Yoooo, going there next year, business school!


Aye. You’re going to Telfer, then. If you’re ever here, hit me up.


Will do! Beautiful city

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