Eggs of Stone- a Golem Ragnora list


Golem Magmar aint really an archetype, because 2/3 golems are freakin staples, that said, the one who is not staple, can turn that dream into reality. Using Progenitor to replicate even more golems and various ramp cards to get EMP and Jugg our faster, I have assembled this list.

Extinction event is a nice 1-off incase your eggs ger EMP`d, which can catch them off by surprise


any consideration for boulder breacher? it’s pretty decent with rippers imo.


Nice Idea, just not sure what to cut, maybe -1 jugg -1 Silithar +2 Breacher?


Boulder Breacher for Celebrant? An option I think.
Side effect: The curve gets higher since you have no card draw on board.


Plasma maybe, I like plasma in general as it really hoses certain decks/strategies, but probably it isn’t the most synergistic card to the deck. Don’t think it’s really a plasma meta right now.

Or yeah, cutting down to 9 2 drops would also be fine.


I’ll experiment after I get back to my computer, will definitely try cutting celebrants. Maybe try Embryotic for some draw?


Have you ever managed to get the katastroph win?


Given Flash you can actually run 6 2-drops if you’d like to and make your curve higher.


I have played like 5 games, and in the one game where i could my opponent conceded.


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