Eggmar 0/2 Suggestion


As a non-magmar player, I think it would be a good step for eggs to be 0/2. It’s minor, but figured it’d help still pull it in the right direction.

Eggs should be preventable by a general, but shouldn’t be so fragile that a 1 ping destroys them. These aren’t spider babies that can get squashed under one’s foot, these are giant, rantable minions.

Sincerely, a Magmar hater :slight_smile:

  • I would be okay with 0/2 Magmar Eggs
  • I would not be okay with 0/2 Magmar Eggs

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  • I play Magmar as a main/secondary faction
  • I do not really play Magmar

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Allow me to state my opinion on this matter. While I feel that eggs dropped by minions would be ok as 0/2, I think this would buff cards like Chrysalis burst far too much for the health of the game. Especially considering how annoying Chrysalis burst would be if you couldn’t destroy the eggs with Scorn.


Agreed. Had considered it myself, which dropping it to 3 eggs and/or adjusting things like Chrysalis would likely have to be kept in mind.


The problem of eggmar is not the fact that eggs has Just 1 health. The problem is that you dont have the option to Hatch eggs in the early/mid game. Wild inceptor is too expensive at 4 mana and it actually dont make sense since eggmorph di the Same thing while also beeing a potential removal. Imho if wild inceptor costs 3 mana the deck would be way more viable


agreed. A stat based improvement on the eggs would make it far too powerful. The answer to the eggmar problem lies on the creativity of the devs; they should create cards that would make it fun at the same time competitive to use eggmar.

Theyre on the right direction with wild inceptor but it has to be 3 mana so it can already combo with spirit of valknu or chrysalis burst on the 7th M; much like casting the devastating nosh-rak. On 8th, the combo has to be game ending since itll be on the playing field against spiral technique, excelsior, and obliterate; but they all require just one card and you need two.


As a Magmar player who has played far to much eggmar the answer to get egg issue is egg protection namely dreadnaught should be a 2 mana minion. Since that isn’t going to happen then Magmar needs artifact that gives the dreadnaugt buff.

Egg dont really need to change eggs being fragile is fine.When you flash out a dreadnaught and it some how avoids getting dispelled it is completely different game of eggmar.Egg protection early is better option imo.


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