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Eclipse otk superpro legend deck[[NOT CLICKBAIT]]


I’ve been meaning to get an Eclipse OTK deck for a while now, and after a stupidass attempt which involved forcefully giving your opponent a worldcore via arbitrage, summoning eclipse and then pounding your traded worldcore into your eclipse for insta-lethal(I was very proud of it at the time). I don’t believe I have found the next best variant.

Since deep Impact can be used on friendlies, Deep impact eclipse can easily close out a game. All you need is a super buffed eclipse with owlbeast, and then spammity spam, you have an army of rippers and illusionist. I would reccomend chucking egg morph for rebuke, since that allows for a little bit more responsive play, but other than that, you should be fine for the most part. I mean it barely functions for me, but whatever.



Protip: Flaming Stampede :wink: like the idea with Deep Impact too!



Now if only I had the spirit for 3 eclipses…
I keep dusting all of mine :cry:

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Courtesy of the late Magmar Dev Sibonz, took 2nd place in a tournament some months back.


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