Eclipse: legendary minion; where does he fit in?


i got one of these but im wondering which general it would benefit? if any?

or dust it for spirit, there are quite a few legendaries that i am missing on 6 of my generals, obviously, lolz


I’ve used him in healing Lyonar.
You can heal him to keep him atacking and dealing damage to the oposing general. Algo, 7 health is a great value in any Lyonar deck.

Anyway, a 7 mana drop is hard to land in table. Even harder to keep it alive to get value.


It’s pretty awful. It’s used in some meme-y magmar and songhai decks but that’s pretty much it. Easy DE material.


He’s a counter to obliterate or earth sister, or just huge stuff in general… But is really rarely seen on ladder


Great Gauntlet card


Does it work though? Ie if you are killed by obliterate, is there time for the eclipse to kick in so that opponents general is also killed, securing a draw?


I… I never tried that, it doesnt trigger deahthwatch since the general death has priority aperently, but eclipse is on hit


I totally LOVE the card. It’s SUCH a good card.

I really do not know why people underestimate him so much.

He’s a real good card to drop in the late game. Enemy battle pets are not uncommon, and can obviously win you the match (I had a Nature’s Conflux with 4 rexes suicide into my Eclipse for the win once, was nice :slight_smile: Quite often though people don’t have dispel anymore and I can hit their general in the face with it. If it’s Vaath, the damage can get high. Even on a normal general he does 5 damage, and can do that (due to his health) 4 times, that’s 20 damage for their general unless they deal with it.
Revenant? Sure, I take 4 damage, you take 6, Eclipse lives and finishes the Revenant off for 6 more damage. You just lost Revenant and took 12 damage.

Also with Songhai he’s brutal. Enemy has brought their 13/19 Kolossus finally close to you, you summon it with Inner Focus and win the game :slight_smile:

I also once pinged the enemy to death with Eclipse and Spirit Harvester :slight_smile:


Forget playability, I don’t even know what the heck it is!

It looks like a husky with fairy wings.

For 6 mana, you get a body worth about 4 mana and 7 general damage if it is left undispeled. On paper, a 3/7 that deals 7 damage is amazing for 6 but in practice, it is too slow and easy to remove for its cost. Plus, it has no immediate impact on the board. I think that it’s supposed to be a looming threat of 7 damage, but right now, it is extremely easy to deal with.



Eclipse, like all Arcanysts, belongs in Vanar with Owlbeast Sage and Polarity for instant kills


I once saw a Self-Harm Vetruvian decklist that used various forms of non-discriminating AoE (Sunset Paragon, Frostborne Siren, Blistering Skorn) to trigger Nimbus and Dying Wish minions.

Eclipse looks like it could fit well universal AoE heavy decks. Still a meme, but a FUN one :slight_smile:.

BTW, has anyone ever tried to make such a deck with Zir’an? Lyonar lacks “on damage taken” and Dying Wish effects, but if you run all healing sources you can get, specially cheap minion ones, you could teoretically always have both sources of gealing and things to heal. Add Eclipse, Lucent Beam, Sunriser and Lancer and you could have lots of damage.

NOTE: I am no Zi’ran player, so I am unsure if this aggressive approach can work. If it does, give me some credit for the idea.


Actually I include Tempest in my Zir’an decks for that, works great, kinda better than Frostborne Siren :stuck_out_tongue:

What about Magmar with Taygete, Eclipse, Flash Reincarnation, the 1 mana +2/+4 for a damaged minion etc? Just quickly made a deck with that and that was fun, but haven’t really tried it.


Eclipse is a fun card. Something fun I try to do occasionally is the eclipse suicide 2tk. Play eclipse, then do divine bond + sunset paragon. If you can get owlbeast on the board to stick on the board you can pump up Eclipse for more damage. Another fun idea is that divine bond is one of the few cards that can also target your opponents minions. So when other people play something like Pandora far away, you can magnetize + db for 13 damage. Sadly control mag isn’t super popular right now, but its cool when it works.


One of my favorite cards. I crafted 2 of them. It turns your opponent’s army against them. where does it fit i? It’s a lot olike Red Synja in sthat it can fit into anything that has the ability to fit in a large card or two. It’s not like you just drop it and it gets value. You have to set hte stage for it using skill.


It’s like a 6 mana Spiral Technique attached to a 3/7 body.

If it’s not answered.


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