Easy lethal puzzle


Hi all, find the lethal :slight_smile:


Ignoring whis and sand draws?
Didnt see how to kill Aymara

Edit: Ah yeah now i see, dat shity wall deals 2 damage nor 1

Just put aymara on left of your general, 1st wish to the iron dervish, trade walls whit wind dervish, nimbus and general, aymara dyes, hit general whit the iron dervish

Edit2: Grammar.


Yup well done :slight_smile: please use spoiler tags.

Also… only one person got it?
Or too easy to comment?


Or y’know, not bothered to, cause someone already posted the answer.


GG 2 ez

Place Baemara in front of daddy zirix, attac walls above her using iron derpish, zirix, and nimbus (nimbus must be moved after zirix attac mid wall. Must attac in that order). 1 wish top left WD, a t t a c wall with bottom left derv. move the 3/1 derp to faie and -rip off her clothes- get arrested for breaking into someone’s house and assaulting them.


7 mana 8 health

Destroy the wall bottom diagonal left and directly below faie with iron dervish and nimbus making sure nimbus dies to the exact left of lavastorm spawning the soulburn. Place flameblaze to the left of zirix. Move wind dervish to nimbus location. Move other wind dervish down one. Reassemble the far lavastorm. Place it beneath Zirix.

Whisper. It’s impossible to spawn two 3/2 dervish that cannot hit Faie (as you only leave beneath Zirix for the flameblaze and you can fill it with reassemble, and two for the lavastorm). Zirix to move and win.

Edit: Oops. Nimbus isn’t allomancer. I wouldn’t know. I hate vet.


Yeah I figured :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Nice, was hoping to see alternative lethals :slight_smile:


11/7 cleanest lethal ever


Nice lethal! I added it to the wiki’s collection: https://duelyst.gamepedia.com/Lethal_Puzzles


Move your iron dervish 2 space left and punch the wall under Faie.

Reassemble the bottom obelysk. Move nimbus up and right. Use nimbus to punch the wall above it (down and left from Faie).

Place one obelysk where you just destroyed a wall. Move your topmost dervish up and right. Now place the other obelysk up and right of it again (up and left from Faie).

Now play whisper of the sands. Both the obelysks you just placed will spawn a 3-attack dervish that can hit Faie. Do that, then walk Zirix in for the final blow.


ripping off faie’s clothes is a lot more than assault…



Cool, but isn’t there a chance the two dervishes spawn on the same space thereby only 1 spawning?

I’ve heard that this could happen, not sure if it has been fixed or not.


This plays around it. The obelysks won’t share any possible spawn spaces. However, I forgot about nimbus summoning a soulburn obelysk, which could mess you up by blocking off Fair. So it’s not a guaranteed lethal.


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