Easy fix for Ion and Ace (battlepet) - add text: "Can't move"


So Counterplay has expressed that they don’t want people to be confused about the AI of battlepets.
If you add a “can’t move” clause to their text, these battlepets are now 10x better, but you also don’t have to add any “confusion” to the battlepet AI. There is already logic for which target a ranged battlepet will attack, and Rook’s “can’t move” wasn’t too confusing for players either, right?



They’re not working in an unintended fashion. Why do this? Nobody is asking for them to be “10x better” because they don’t need to be.


They do need to be if they want to see play. Is anyone seriously playing Ion and/or Ace in your experience?

I’d like Ranged Battle Pets to be better by making them function in this way. Perhaps not literally 10x better, but better nonetheless.


No, but nobody is playing plenty of cards. Does that mean they need to be buffed? Absolutely not. Is anyone seriously playing Rok in your experience? Just because they’re deemed “unusable” doesn’t mean they’re not fine in their current state.


Not to be rude, but Rok is a token battle pet, you couldn’t put it in your deck even if you wanted. I’d be for laian’s idea, for now ranged Battle pets are a waste of potential and space.


Battle pets are meant to be dumb, since they tend to have way more stats for the price.

and yes ranged battle pet are especially useless, but if the enemy not expect it zukong can make it work. though ace is still really bad. at least ion with zukong can do some work.


That argument only works if you can make a reasonable case that the cards in question are currently unplayed due to an unfavorable meta. What kind of environment would benefit these Ranged Battle Pets? Short of a card that directly buffs specifically Ranged Battle Pets I can’t reasonably see either getting played ever. Even the more interesting Ion doesn’t do OTK as well as the reliable and otherwise-good Baconator combo.

Rok is also a token.


Ranged battle pets are a waste, but if the cant move they are far superior.
Just reduce movement from 2 to 1 space and they are going to go face to face and die… but can do a bit of damage meanwhile.


Just make them move reversed, instead of moving towards to nearest enemy, make them move away. Problem solved.


Cards can be not as good as others, or behave in strange ways, to influence draft. Not everything is about constructed.

Besides, they are classed as Battle Pets and it was explicitly stated all battle pets would share the same AI. It’d be like giving Bastion movement capabilities.


You could make the same argument for plenty of cards, your point is semantics.


You’ve switched over to an entirely different argument now, are you ceding the point? I don’t see how Gauntlet would be worse by making the Ranged Battle Pets worthy picks.

The solution suggested in this thread wouldn’t change Battle Pet AI, writing a clause on the cards achieves the desired outcome without CP violating their stated intent. That point is moot. The Bastion comparison doesn’t work because he can transform and being able to move and being force to move are very different things.


My fault, I didn’t mean to dodge.

There is a difference between a card being good or bad in comparison to other cards, and the design of a card being flawed.

If you play Ion away from the center of action, it gets in one or two ranged hits before it becomes vulnerable to melee attacks. That limit on how long it remains useful is the tradeoff for its bonus general damage, because it would otherwise just be a widowmaker. When you choose to play this card, you’re comparing the likelihood of it being removed (which is lower because it will kill itself) and the amount of damage it is likely to output, to widowmaker. Widowmaker has a higher chance of sticking and then snowballing, but has a harder time dealing that initial damage because people prioritize it; I think we can both agree controllable ranged minions are a threat. The design of the card is focused in this comparison. People pick widowmaker over Ion when they play Ion because the point of ranged minions is to snowball out of control; Ion usually deals more damage because it doesn’t get prioritized, but it doesn’t have that snowball ability. Does this mean it’s bad? No, this means it runs counter to how most people perceive ranged to be best used.

Also, what did you mean by “he can transform”?