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Earth Sphere vs Sundrop Elixir


First of all, this is NOT a rant but more of a question as to the reasoning behind the matter.

Earth Sphere is a 4 mana spell that heals your general for 8.

Sundrop Elixir is a 1 mana spell that heals anything for 5.

So my question is, why does Sundrop cost 3 less that Earth Sphere, even though they have an almost similar effect? Does the 3 more HP heal warrant the 3 more mana?


sundrop is lyonar and healing is their faction theme.
earth sphere is magmar and healing is not their things. on the contrary self damage is, would be op if costed less.


Lyonar cant make healing an agressive damage tool, but Vaath can. Magmar could have stronger healing cards if it wasnt for Vaath.


Maybe stronger Magmar healing could work but only in less aggresive meta, right now it’s like heal face, smash face.


the real thing to compare is Sundorp elixir and aphotic drain (2 mana destroy friendly minion heal for 5). When you know that abyssian already has void pulse (1 mana heal for 3 and deal 2 damage). In any case I would play void pulse instead of aphotic drain.


Different classes have different strengths and weaknesses, otherwise they wouldn’t be different. AKA: why would you put frostburn in vanar, CPG?


Imagine that Magmar mana and Lyonar mana are 2 completely different types of mana.

In Lyonar mana, damage is expensive- but stats (Attack and Health) are cheap.

In Magmar mana, damage and ATK are cheap, but Health is very expensive (consider the sizes of minions like Elucidator.) Earth Sphere is card efficient, but not mana efficient because it’s made as a tech piece.

Sundrop is a core theme card, that is an enabler for healing based procs. This would be like comparing all of the 2 and 3 mana buffs to Greater Fortitude. GF is super mana efficient to show that Magmar is good at buffing things- even if many of their minions don’t have great health values for their cost.


This post got me to build a deck with aphotic drain… the card is surprisingly useful when combined with gor and wraithlings


The main problem is that Abyssian already has good healing in the form of Kelaino and Shadowdancer. If a wraithling is going to die, why not let it get off some damage at the same time?


That and Void pulse is still a swing of 5 with the potential for a swing of 6 with Kelvin not to mention the lesser cost and no sacrifice Void Pulse has.


The problem is positioning. If that wraithling is on the other side of the board or if you get it from BBS and need healing now drain does the job. Plus Kelaino and shadow dancer have to stick and they are #1 priority targets for removal

Not to mention I put those in the deck as well. I specifically put drain in there just to test it out.


So, funny story about Aphotic Drain…

I was trying to build a Klaxon deck (because holy crap, that card is good-) and I was looking for sac outlets for my Unsevens, Dioltas’, and Klaxons- Consuming Rebirth was the first choice for nakedly obvious reasons- healing Klaxons and and Dioltas is pretty big game. Second was Darkfire Sacrifice, (a card which I’m now thoroughly convinced is broken beyond recourse- so much so that I’ve found myself calling it Ashnod’s Altar, a card many playgroups ask people very politely not to play in even powered EDH groups.)- and a singleton copy of Aphotic Drain- to cheat the 3-of rule.

So, what happens is that the deck works- but Aphotic Drain is simply too fair of a card to play. Sacrifice is just such a bonkers sac outlet, that Drain felt cumbersome and foolish- even on a previously developed Unseven, with no Sacs in hand, the Klaxon in hand and another great play for the turn. If I want lifegain, Spectral Blade does the trick, Kelaino does the trick, Pulse does the trick. If I want a sac outlet, Sacrifice does the trick, inefficient trades do the trick. If I want both, I’d just rather play two cards or something like Shadowdancer. :frowning: In a fairer game, Drain would be an excellent tempo oriented sac outlet- but right now we’re playing in a world of super unfair, high tempo, mana cheating explosive bonkers land.


Everyone is right about Magmar having to pay more for heals in general than Lyonar, but there is also anther factor being card efficiency.

Let’s look at two made-up cards. The first card heals 3 health for 1 mana. The second card heals 6 health for 2 mana. They both have the same ratio of mana to health, so which one is better? You already know that it’s the second one. The reason for this is efficiency; in order to gain the same effect, you would need two copies of the first card, which takes up valuable space in your hand.

In order to compensate for efficiency, a card generally costs more mana.


you question sundrop elixir being such better health for mana value but earth sphere is commonly run in magmar while sundrop elixir has been virtually never seen in ladder since the change to 1 draw. i guess because magmar is such a burst oriented faction they value being able to survive one more turn to get lethal while lyonar depends more on early board dominance or having a target to put divine bond on and is less likely to be in a position where they can win a game by just surviving one more turn.


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