Dying Wish Part 2: The Eternal Army


Update: Skorn nerf hurts the deck a lot! Three mana was the perfect sweet spot, the stats where irrelevant as it was used for its effect. I’d have much preferred a star nerf and cost stay at three. Not sure if this will change anything for the deck, although it makes me question Gors spot even more.

I was going to wait until next week for part two here, but I am super excited about this first list, and its monday somewhere. It has had a near perfect win rate in diamond. I only had one “Loss” so far. I had lethal but ended up missing it on a misclick. I know I had it so its still a win in my book.

Took about 40 wins with the deck to get to S rank.

Anyways onto the deck. The name is fairly simple, just a reference to Sarlac the Eternal and his little brother Gor.

Skorn has been a nightmare for swarm decks for some time now. Lyonar is regularly running tempest, plasma storms and mankantors are everywhere, ghost lightning is seeing play, stars fury is back in play now that vet has to try extra hard against range, even vanar got an aoe card. Sarlac and Gor are natural counters to all of this. They also serve as dispel bait.

Now for a long time they have both been considered pretty bad, slow, and awkward. It was not until I started running skorn along side them that I discovered just how strong they can be in this meta.

Sarlac/Gor +Blistering Skorn+ death watch does insane things on top of it just being good ping. Skorn plus sister is insane healing. They provide reliable sacrifice fodder and thanks to rite/rev the deck is not afraid to dump its hand early with darkfire. They give you the ability to place important units in safe places even if your boxed in.

There are many combos with the deck. It has threat after threat, hand refilling, good removal, great healing and a sticky field. Being effectively immune to aoe on top of having your own makes for a very deadly deck.

Another attempt at a lurking feat deck, unlike the previous post this is not a ramp deck, its a weird form of swarm leveraging lurking to really flood the field. It performed decently and it was a lot of fun, but ultimately lurking fear is very hard to make work.

I did and do not expect this one to be top tier but it is probably the most fun of the three. I figured I am already having fun with trying to bring back dying wish style gameplay, may as well include its old friend consuming rebirth. It causes jaxi, sarlac, and gor to multiply. It lets you use ironclad properly, and it can be used to undispel a sister or dancer.

I have made it to S rank for several seasons now, barring some where I was only able to play around 20 games the entire month, even then I was still diamond. Since I have not had time to start streaming like I want, I figured I would just share some of my stuff each week and get my name out there so the community knows me a little better for when I do eventually get around to it. For those interested in Dying wish Part 1:

My budget lists and thoughts for new players

Well, I suppose someone else would eventually figure out the skorn sarlac/gor deathwatch combo, I’ve been playing it since before shimzar (although gor made it more reliable). Your deck is less memey than mine (I use keepers and nether summoning, no blood moons, 1 less rite) and so probably better, but I can confirm that the strategy is very strong as even with my less traditional-looking version I get very high win rates in diamond.

Shadow sister + shadow dancer will let you come back from virtually any HP deficit, if you get both out the healing is insane and within a turn or two any aggro deck loses all hope of victory. Shadow sister is better in lilith than most people give her credit for… sure she synergizes with creep but she also gets 2 heals per lilith BBS, gets safer positioning from BBS, and works well with gor/sarlac for those same reasons. Lilith BBS also saves HP on your general because with the threat of deathwatch they are forced to clear every wraithling they can rather than go for your face.


I really longed for a Sarlacc kind of deck to be viable again since its nerf forever ago and with Gor and Skorns it’s finally happening. Thanks for sharing these decklists, I’m gonna enjoy playing Abyssian again.
However, I have a few questions about Obelysk Vets of all matchups: how do you deal with the massive bodies they pump out while having low attack minions that they also actively try to clear from the board?


Vet has a tough time vs units hidden in the back like priestess and Shadow dancer. A walled in Priest is usualy game over for vet.

Obelisks them self are rather easy as you have the choice of simply retreating our of their range or trading into them without fear. Deathwatch usualy just punishes them attacking with wind dervishes.


I really need to try this out (although short 1 Sarlac, 1 Deathfire Crescendo, and 1 Rite). Would a Soul Grimwar work as a good replacement for 1 Deathfire? Also, what would you recommend replacing 1 Sarlac and 1 Rite for? (in your first deck)?


Yes grimwar certainly works as a placeholder, it is still a powerful card that accomplishes a simmilar task.

However crescendo is strictly better then grimwar. The problem with grimwar is it forces your general to be in really bad positions to get use out of it, and it’s really easy to block the generals path. Your a hell of a lot more likely to have a cresendo target in range due to being able to pick from a lot of options. Grimwar can be great but only in very specific decks when you either build around it by playing stuff like Tracer, or in a very aggressive deck where your always running up and going face with Lilith.

I would probably run a removal spell of your choice or perhaps a Lightbender to sub for your third Sarlac. The rites are pretty important but two should hold you for the moment. Again probably board control or Lightbender.


I got to S last season with a deck similar to the first one, using skorn, and i gotta say i wouldnt replace him, he is not easy to play, but it can lead to really destructive combos in a swarm deck.

Blistering scorn, the most oppressive card in the game

Got there :D. Took about 40 wins with the deck. Not counting my time in gold where I played a bunch of random crap, or the occasional quest break with magmar.

Flood Protection for Abyss, Vanar, and Magmar

Skorn nerf makes me very sad. It really helped swarm way more then it hurt it.