Dying wish cassyva


I have made this dying wish cassyva
Combo deck
I dont have any better dying wish minions if you guys have some suggestions what can be changed or what cards i should remove tell me please
I accept criticism :smiley:


For how long have you been playing the deck, in what rank and how has it been working for you?


your gonna need a lot more draw for that many 2 drops, especially if you are going to drop their cost with lurking fear. rite of the undervault would be nice, but sojourner and spelljammer would do. even lkian wouldnt be so bad in such a hybrid deck. heck, even void hunter wouldnt be garbage if you got a lurking fear or consuming rebirth off.

i find gnasher isnt terrible in lurking fear decks and its not expensive to craft.

i personally dont like nightsorrow, but if you find it useful keep it.


Your “Dying Wish” deck consists of only 7 Dying Wish minions.It doesn’t even include staples like SpecRev and Vorpal Reaver . Is it really worth it to run Lurking Fear just for this little amount of Dying Wishes?


iMO too many one offs, not enough Dying Wish.


Pretty good around 1 week and im 12/3 and rank 13/12


Night sorrow to deal with buildings and with some back stab minions
Card draw ok I got 1 ride of the under vault I can include and some card draw


For example what dying wish?


Did you read
I did not win the spirit lottery
It’s the best I have
Tell me ur opinion on what to remove etc


Looking at it again, only dioltas and klaxon are worth using lurking fear and darkfire sacrifice for. Maybe cut LF and DFS for card draw and bigger minions since playing it will only empty your hand faster


Dioltas. More Dioltas.


A dying wish deck has got to run gnashers

Take out azure horn shaman, it gives your minions health, why would you want to make your dying wish minions harder to kill?

More dioltas


Dunno if it helps, but one day, when I’ll be rich, I’ll give a try at this gorgeous deck Undying Abyssian by @deathsadvocate :wink:

It may inspire you as well.


Thanks for the shout out. I have a couple others threads in that series, specifically here for my hybrid dying wish/creep cass deck:


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