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Dying wish/ aggro mahev


i need some help on whether or not this is a decent deck.


horizontals please, it’s easier to read the horizontal version in the forum.
you might want more heal than that if your main thing here is the 7-8 mana turn minions(variax/specrev/EMP). usually, you’d be fine with only that much heal to stay alive up to those turns, but maehv bbs kills you (even more with crypto around). The sarlac+Gor+aphotic drain suite works well in keeping you alive. Gives you a target for your BBS too.


My suggestions: Healing Mystic for Operant and Aer Pridebeak for Minos (moar heals), and swap Variax for something actually useful with Maehv (such as Furor Chakram). EMP and Revenant are actually fine when you have enough heals to get to 8 mana alive.


Agreed with @miguelosz. Also spectral blade is not good for maehv (you don’t want to punch). The way you want to win with this deck is with a massive board swing with shaman+BBS so would try to slot some stuff like blaze hound/thunderhorn. Having multiple 4/8s on the board will make your opponent cry


ty very much guys :slight_smile: that was very helpful and ill work on trying what you beautiful people suggested!


sorry, been a while since ive played/posted. ill definitely keep it horizontal next time :sweat_smile:


is this any better?


It’s decent, but too fair for the current meta.

You’d want to slot smth against artifacts. Void pulse and Rust crawler are the first things that come to mind. Bloodtear alchemist is also an option. I’m not sold on cryptographer, you may switch it to crawler or BTA.

You don’t want to use vellumscry as a draw source, you are not Lilithe, your minions matter. Try another draw engine. Sojourner, spelljammer, sworn sister, Owlbeast mentor. I’d vote for sister. Immediate draw, and you may sacrifice her afterwards.


The ultimate dying wish/aggro maehv but a bit unconventional
All the aggro and the dying wish isn,t towars your enemy but towards yourself
The key with this deck is to target your own face with any dmg you have…don,t waste your recources on the enemys face unless you can hit yourself at the same time

Some heretics like @epicflygon call this 16 years old edgy maehv…don,t be fooled by them

Big Arcanysts: Trying to build Antimeta Control Deck

Way too viable, still needs Nether Summoning and Consuming Rebirth for those Riftwalkers :wink: (Sellsoul is also a good target)


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