Dying Wish: Abyss/Vet


Awhile ago I posted my Undying Abyssian deck(link at end of thread), It performed rather well and there was some interest expressed in my other dying wish decks so here we are with this weeks post.


So unlike the undying version this one looks to go a little more midrange with a constant slew of dying wish minions.

For those who question 3x Lurking Fear there is actually a really good reason. You almost never want to cast it more the once as it hurts your hand. It may seem weird running a playset of something you only intend to use once. But the reason for that is its only good in the first couple turns so you need 3 in the deck to get it at all consistently, because after the first couple turns its just replace fodder. It’s awful at one, meh at two, and replace fodder at 3. But to be worth the slot at all it needs to be a playset.

Ironclad is still experimental, but I am enjoying him. Alternatively he could be dioltas, or you could drop him and rite in favor of necro seer.


This one I call Fester, because it is a slow creeping infection that revolves around tissue dying. So we have both creep and dying wish referenced in one word :D.

An interesting take on Cass, it still runs the essential creep tools for the late game but the dying wish engine fits in nicely providing draw and some fun early/mid game tools. Klaxon being dying wish is the main attraction for this archetype. No Juggernaut? Yea I know blasphemy, but it’s tough trying to fit both the creep engine and the dying wish engine. Juggernaut is very strong, but he is slow and easy to answer. I would rather play off of dying wish and use Azelia/Obliterate as a finisher that can’t be answered. Not running Juggernaut also creates a neat scenario, people tend to save removal/dispel for him and are less likely to use it on your other threats.

A few important notes. If you are running Unseven it is usually important to not run low cost dying wish units as it really sucks if Unseven pulls the gor in your hand instead of that Vorpal Reaver. Not to mention they tend to just empty out your hand.

Iron Clad is still an experimental pick. This deck lacks ritual/darkfire, but Cass can get pretty good use out of him by pinging him with her BBs and then having him smack the general.


This one I fondly call Necro-Techmaturgy.

Aymara and Pax are insane, sadly the complete randomness of combustion keeps the deck from being really strong, if it worked like nether summoning this deck just might be top tier. It is still a lot of fun, Early Aymaras and a decent draw engine goes a long way. The deck is very well prepared to deal with backline units which has been a problem for Vet with the loss of siphon. Between flying, blast, tiger, reach with shroud, and mass aoe from Ironclad it is in pretty good shape.


And finally a theory craft deck. I have always wanted to play artifact Vet but it is a huge investment of legends reguardless of what build you go to.

Anyways the main inspiration here is Unseven into Oserix is crazy good for Sajj. It of course has lots of draw power from the rest of the dying wish engine combined with the usual vet staples come together for what on paper looks like it could be very powerful.

I have made it to S rank for several seasons now, barring some where I was only able to play around 20 games the entire month, even then I was still diamond. Since I have not had time to start streaming like I want, I figured I would just share some of my stuff each week and get my name out there so the community knows me a little better for when I do eventually get around to it. For those interested in the original Undying list here you go:

Dying Wish Part 2: The Eternal Army

Did a major revision of the first list. Old gimicky version for posterities sake:


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