Dust Wailer buff ALREADY


I’m definitely going to have fun with this one in my Flying Vet deck now. THANK YOU COUNTERPLAY


Due to popular demand he is no longer a dodo bird :smiley:



just wow

guess they realized the players were right


I mean it’s still not good, but at least interesting.


this is my first month playing, and so the first time seeing the monthly spoilers; the whole process is soooo cool and it’s very heartening that you guys take input like this


I will personally take all the credit for this change.

No need to thank me.


Might have as well lowered it’s cost by 1 if you were already at it.


Easy there fella, one step at the time. Now the card is actually interesting and more importantly, competitive.Let’s not go over the top with the changes.


And people say counter play doesn’t listen to their players~ flying gives the card that extra power as a dragon as well. Well done guys :smile:.


Yea yeah, i am just gonna run Skywing and lower the cost myself then.


You smart CP, you loyal. I appreciate that.


The archives CLEARLY show that I was the first one to mention flying in the dust wailer spoiler thread, so all eventual free boosters should go directly to me.


So… is this a reverse Memory Jar?

(for context, this is a card from MTG that was so good that it was nerfed before release)


Memory Jar wasn’t nerfed before release. I got to play Memory Jar decks in tournaments before it was banned.


well, you could also have skywing in the deck and a 5 3/4 with 3 aoe damage isnt that bad.

EDIT: not that skywing saw any play, but with a bunch of flying dudes, it could pretty much work.


So what exactly is the theme for this month? The cards seem all over the place in terms of effects.


Do monthlies usually have a theme? Outside warmasters I don’t remember any.


Replace, forcefield, warmasters, and self damage are the ones i was playing during


I’ve played with a full Flying deck. Second Wish and Cosmic Flesh make a world of difference on a Flying minion (which are typically held back by their low health), as does Inner Oasis. This was preShimzar (a month ago) so maybe I should break it out again and have some fun tweaking it.


A few more:

Movement month, with Ghost Lynx, Mogwai, Wind Runner and Black Locust.

The token minion month, with Jaxi, Firestarter, Grailmaster and Khymera.

Provoke month, with War Talon, Tethermancer, Bonereaper and Hollow Grovekeeper.

Tribal minion month, with Diamond Golem, Abjudicator, Bastion and Alter Rexx.

Streamer cards, with Shiro Puppydragon, Grincher, The Scientist and Envybaer.