Duplicate cards


I’m getting identical cards that do not stack, even basic ones, for example I now got gloomchaser, but I already had it but it does not stack. Of course it being basic I can not disenchant dupes (well disanchant on one gives “can’t disenchant basic” on another “can’t disenchant progression” cards, still…). What gives?


They are probably prismatic (foil). Check the cards again, are they purple-ish?


Yes the color of card differs somewhat. But still what is the point?


It’s the foil version of the cards, just like a real card game


Ok, thanks for answers.


Prismatic cards are just visually different versions of the normal card. The prismatic basic cards are received from leveling your factions, while other prismatic cards simply have a chance to drop.

If you obtain a prismatic card that is not basic, it will disenchant for full value, ie a prismatic legendary disenchants for 900 spirit, rather than 350.


If you couldn’t care less about the minor aesthetic difference, dust the prismatic versions.


Click the gear on the top right of your collection and pick your display, you can hide/show them here by (un)checking “PRISMATICS”.


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