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Duelyst's Most Attractive Unit: Round 4

People of Mythron; the wait is over. At last, it is time for Round 4! Half of the contestants from Round 3 were eliminated, and only 8 very attractive units remain. We’re nearing the end of this tournament, and Mythron is in dire need of your vote. Now without further ado, let’s dive into the rules.

Rules and Format

We’re sure everyone is familiar with the rules by now, but let’s have a quick recap. For this round, there will be 2 groups of 4 units, and the 2 units with the most votes from each group will make it into the next round. Shown below are the 2 groups. Voting will close promptly in 3 days.

Group A

Vote for one unit you think is the most attractive:

  • Grandmaster Embla
  • Captain Hank Hart
  • Lilithe Blightchaser
  • Scioness Sajj

0 voters

Group B

Vote for one unit you think is the most attractive:

  • Reva Eventide
  • Grandmaster Variax
  • Shadowdancer
  • Ghost Seraphim

0 voters

Thank you for your participation! The polls for Round 5, the Final round, will be announced shortly. Like last round, tiebreakers may be necessary. Again, thank you for voting, and we’ll see you again next round. Until then, farewell! :lyogiggle:


after everything, hank got so far :frowning:


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