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Duelyst's complete chess set

I love playing Chess, it’s the most popular played sport in the world, with twice as many players as soccer, according to wikipedia.
I love duelyst also, and I suspect many players here also know how to play chess. Duelyst shares many common characteristics with Chess, it’s because duelyst is board-based game, if you don’t know how to play chess, duelyst will teach you the importance of positioning and managing your minions, some skill ceilings tactics you’ll need in chess.

Since I can’t think of anything else to say here is my chess set:

Edit: BISHOP: ‘Can only move and Blast in any tiles diagonally’, apply similar changes to ROOK. (Maybe we should call the other one by ‘rooky’ to avoid name duplication)
(Original idea for bishop: Destroy an enemy minion diagonal to this minion and teleport to its place. Seems OP but it’s how bishop is, tell me which version you like more)
Greater Promotion -> 5 mana
QUEEN change to basic token card.


  • PAWN
  • ROOK

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I really like these :slight_smile:

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I made the inverted thing, i took a chess game(in real life) and added some card with power :slight_smile: chess is better like this XD


Took me some time to figure out i mispelled ‘advisor’. Oh well.

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Cool stuff :grinning:.
Was expecting to see Rook as Rook and got surprised.

As someone who plays chess, got to be a bit nitpicking.
Queen should cost more than Rook.
Why can’t you get a Knight from Greater Promotion :cry:?


We already have a rook.


So with greater promotion, you pay 7 mana to transform a 2 mana minion into a 4, 5 or 6 mana minion… Well… Something is wrong there…

Btw queen is overpowered for a 4 drop, even without the merge ability (which sucks btw if what you call ‘merge’ means destroying a friendly rook and bishop) it’s still a 6/6 body with Forcefield and that can’t be targeted by spells…

What about something like:

Pawn, 1 Mana, 0/2; Opening gambit : draw a card. Whenever it attacks or counter attack diagonally, deal 3 damage to the target.
The draw effect allows you to flood the board with pawns, and while the pawn may seem somewhat overpowered as a 1 drop that doesn’t empty your hand, it has an obvious weakness of not being able to do any damage most of the time.

Bishop, 3 Mana, 5/4; May only move to tiles on the same diagonal and can only attack diagonally. Can move two extra tiles.
Overstated minion, yet it has a big drawback: it can’t target half of the tiles of the board. The extra movement means you can move 2 spaces diagonally and not just one.

Knight, 3 Mana, 3/4; Opening gambit: stun enemy minions on the tiles accessible by the knight in chess.
Didn’t have much idea for this one. But I wanted to give somewhat the feeling of chess by stunning things (for instance, when in chess you have your king on the same row as a rook but you have a friendly bishop between the king and the rook, you obviously can’t move your bishop).

Rook, 5 Mana, Build(1), 5/8; When built, switch positions with your general. May only move and attack horizontally or vertically. Forcefield.
The switch between your general and the rook is for castling in chess. Just like Bishop, it is somewhat overstated and also has forcefield to compensate for the restricition in movement and attacking.

Promotion, spell, 3 Mana: Transform a friendly Pawn on the other edge of the board into a Queen. Draw a card.
Queen, token, 6 Mana, 5/5, Blast, cannot be targeted by spells.
Why would you even want to promote something into a bishop or knight when you can have a queen? Duelyst has enough RNG already, no need for a random promotion.

King scepter, Artifact, 5 Mana: Your general can only move to nearby tiles. All minions attacked by your general are instantly destroyed.
Feels a bit like Vanar artifacts. But actually playable.

Sicilian defense, spell, 4 Mana: Summon 4 Pawns on adjacent tiles.
There are NEVER enough pawns. Oh and by adjacent, I mean the 4 tiles to the left, right, up and down. Not nearby.

Chain defense, spell, 2 Mana: Give all friendly pawns the following: Dying Wish: Gives all friendly pawns on a nearby diagonally tile +2/+2.
People may play around pawns easily (I think) so this spell may help. The spell also has some combo potential with Sicilian defense.

Good trade, spell, 2 Mana: Destroy a friendly minion to destroy an enemy minion with a mana cost higher by less than 3. We need some sort of removal besides the artifact.

Checkmate, spell, 6 Mana: Give a friendly minion nearby the enemy general +3/+3, Provoke, Forcefield and spell immunity.
We actually need some kind of wincon, right?

Oppressive Timer, 3 Mana, Build(1), Structure, 0/3: The enemy general only has half the time each turn to play. At the start of your turn, deal 1 damage to the enemy general.
Timers ARE oppressive in chess. It would be a fun card that works well with other chess cards, since they all require careful positionning. The lack of time to make decisions could make the other player commit mistakes.

Chess Grandmaster, 8 Mana, 3/7: All friendly Pawns, Knights, Bishops, Rooks and Queens have +2/+2.
The sprite of this should look like Kasparov.


Have you ever played Chess Evolution ? It’s exactly what you describe


It should also be a Battle Pet. :wink:


I wanted to create a Neutral archetype that is playable by any faction, like Arcanyst, so as we know, Spells and Artifacts are nonexistent is this world. Therefore my 7 mana spell would not suitable.
If you want it, you can design a card similar to Trinity Wing:
Forgotten Prophet
5 mana 5/5: If you control a pawn, put ‘Ancient moves’ to your action bar.
Next is be creative with ‘Ancient moves’

I wanted it to be similar to Mechazor! but since Spell Immunity is overpowered, Queen should be changed also.

I don’t think that will do it cause we can only put 3 pawns in our deck and i want it to meet the stats of a standard 2 drop. If we’re doing your way I suggest something similar to Lyonar’s Legion:
Pawn , 1 Mana, 0/1; Provoke Opening gambit : Shuffle a copy of this minion into your deck Has +2 Attack while attacking diagonally, (you can’t attack if your minion has 0 attack and my remake feels a lot like a ripper rn)

Wording is somewhat confusing, what if the user don’t know how the knight moves?

Build(1) OP, stat OP

We do have Songhai’s Substitution


Ye i think that’s balance

I think Checkmate is not a wincon, but is a position where your opponent can’t do anything anymore (in chess world, it’s a draw, in duelyst, you’re already dead), is an absolute victory for winner:

Let’s make this into a real Blitz game:

So each player has approximately more than 2 turns to survive. Timer is undispellable.

Sth is wrong with Bagoum so i can’t save the Kasparov you requested. I’m thinking of a spell: Destroy your General. Summon a Grandmaster as your General.
Grandmaster If you reached S-rank, end the game and derank to bronze.
Grandmaster 3/15 All friendly Pawns, Knights, Bishops, Rooks and Queens have +2/+2. Bloodbourne Spell: Summon a chess piece.( Switch each turn ).

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Confused why you are mentioning draw?
Chess terms, Checkmate is instant win. Stalemate is draw when you can’t move.
The proposed Checkmate is neither. Closer to Zugzwang, when any move is bad. But an effect for Zugzwang would look like: whenever an enemy minion moves, inflict damage.

Maybe Pawn can have some Bond effect. To show Pawns are weak individually but strong together.

Please no timer effects.
Something like both players increase mana maybe?

Are we now thinking about every chess term? :thinking:


What about Bladeseeker, 5 mana 8/8 ? Rook isn’t really overstated.

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nope , what is this ?

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Tick tock
OG: Turns now last 72 hours.

More applicable.


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