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Duelyst's Artificer Academy Arrives!


The Artificer Academy

Duelyst’s Artificer Academy has arrived! A replacement to the old Streamer League program, the Artificer Academy is our new way to reward players who create community content for Duelyst. Players can participate in this new program with no need to register, or take any action other than creating the amazing community created content they already do!

To begin with, we’re focusing our efforts on Twitch Streamers; however, we hope to roll out additional pathways to enter the Artificer Academy soon!

For now, players must simply meet the minimum requirements to join the Artificer Academy:

  • Stream Duelyst on Twitch a minimum of 12 hours in a month.
  • Have an average of 5 viewers each month while streaming Duelyst.

Once you reach those requirements, the following month we’ll send you codes for in-game rewards including orbs, cosmetic crate keys, and more! The rewards are structured on a tier based system which tracks a number of metrics, and rewards streamers for their performance each month.

While we are only accepting entrants who are Twitch streamers for now, we’re aware that there are other Community Content Creators as well, included YouTubers, Artists, and Tournament Organizers. We are working on finding ways to incorporate more content creators into the Duelyst Artificer Academy and hope to be able to provide updates to you all in the future.

Our first set of rewards will go out during the first two weeks of December. Rewards will be sent to the e-mail address your account is registered to. So, make sure to start streaming now for your chance to earn rewards in January!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I want my stream to be promoted in-game, what do I have to do?

A. Just stream Duelyst on Twitch! Our team will watch your stream and if you reach the minimum requirements (mentioned above) and our team believes you to be a positive influence on the Duelyst Community (e.g., not in violation of the EULA, General Rules, or Additional Rules), we’ll reach out to you regarding next steps. We’re adding streams to this list all the time!

Q. I don’t stream, but I have a YouTube Channel or act as a tournament organizer, or otherwise support the Duelyst Community with content. Why am I not being rewarded as well?

A. We truly appreciate your contributions to the Duelyst Community! We are currently only accepting Twitch streamers into the Artificer Academy. However, we are looking for ways to add more content creators from the Duelyst community into the Artificer Academy, so please be patient while we conduct our initial tests with the program, and brainstorm ways to add other types of content creators.

Q. How are rewards chosen in the Artificer Academy?

A. We want this program to reward content creators that support Duelyst out of passion for the game, not those who are only streaming for rewards. We will say that rewards are tier based, both on time spent streaming Duelyst, and how many viewers are watching their stream. We also have rewards meant to help celebrate the growth of your channel, as well!

Q. Where can I find more information or updates about the Artificer Academy?

A. For the complete rules surrounding this program, and to be aware of any further updates, please keep your eye on the Community Rules and Guidelines page here

Top 50s and AA on Hold


What is the reward tier list?


Join the Artificer Academy to find out!

Rewards can include codes for orbs, keys, or other items based on your performance (such as time spent streaming, your viewership and channel growth).


Awww, I’m sadly unable to stream as I don’t have a lot of the needed items (E.G I will need a new laptop as the one I currently use would probably die from it.)

I was just curious tho.


I hope it rolls out to the tournament organisers side of things soon. I don’t know what goes on behind the scenes of a tournament, but I can manage its a lot of planning and work to make sure that it runs as smooth as possible. Be good for them to earn some rewards for doing so.


Why not just tell us? If you want to promote streamers via this program why not just tell them about the deal you’re offering them?

Congratulations on the launch, I hope it helps the game.


In the Q&A, they stated that they wanted to reward content creators “that support Duelyst out of passion for the game, not those who are only streaming for rewards”. I think that by not sharing the exact reward tiers, there will be less of a focus on streaming simply to gain the rewards and keep streamers focused on streaming out of their passion for the game.


Akurane covers this pretty well: revealing the tier list would go against the whole spirit of this service to reward content creators because of their passion.

We already expect to get plenty of false flags from people meeting the minimum requirement - but we want people to focus on streaming (or whatever medium of content they specialize in the future) without looking at some metrics and going “oh man if I do just a little bit more, I’ll hit the next tier!”


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