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Duelyst World Championship: August’s Rankingsby Counterplay Games / September 11, 2016

We’re excited to announce August’s final DWC ranking and the date and time for the upcoming Season Qualifier and Duelyst Open.

The Duelyst World Championship Circuit is continuously evolving and after a month of competition we’re making a few changes to ensure the competitive integrity and fairness or this yearlong event.

There’s more to come, but right now the S-Rank Ladder’s being removed as a source of Circuit Points from the Duelyst World Championship.

August’s DWC Rankings

After five weeks of intense play over 100 players secured Circuit Points, but only the Top 50 will make it to this month’s Season Qualifier. Are you on the list? Here’s August’s final scoreboard:

Tiebreaking criteria were applied in the following order:

  1. Circuit Points’ Sources (Duelyst Open > Season Qualifier > Sanctioned Tournament = Ranked Ladder)
  2. Best Result

Here’s a few examples of how these were applied:

Solafid and Yukarin,

  1. Secured 25 Circuit Points from sanctioned tournaments and the ranked ladder. (1st Criteria)
  2. Both of them finished once in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in three different sanctioned tournaments. However. (1st Criteria)
  3. Solafid outranked Yukarin in the ranked ladder, therefore taking Rank 3. (2nd Criteria)

Sweetnlow and PandaJJ;

  1. Secured 8 Circuit Points from the ranked ladder. (1st Criteria)
  2. Sweetnlow’s ladder rank was higher than PandaJJ’s, therefore Sweet took Rank 31 and JJ took Rank 32. (2nd Criteria)

Some players, like Zezetel and ShadowShadet, had points from tournaments and the ladder, but as they outranked their opponents in one of them and got outranked in the other one, they were tied in the same rank.

August’s Season Qualifier

August’s Qualifier will take place on the weekend of the 17th of September at 9am Pacific Time. One hour later at 10am PT the tournament’s stream will go live with the qualified players’ matches as they battle through six rounds of Swiss.

Once the last round concludes, the Top 8 will move on to playoffs on Sunday at 3pm PT. Join us live at 4pm Pacific Time to find out who’ll be crowned Grandmaster and receive an invitation to the Duelyst World Championship.

If you’re among the players qualified for August’s Qualifier we ask that you check your email for further details and instructions.

Duelyst Open #1

We’re excited to announce the first ever Duelyst Open, a free for all tournament open to you and all Duelyst players across the globe. Join us to battle for a seat at the Duelyst World Championship.

This premium event kicks off on the 24th of September at 9am PT and stretches all the way into October the 2nd when eight finalists will give it their all for the prestigious Grandmaster title.

For more information you can visit the Duelyst Open tournament page or read this article covering the format for all Counterplay run DWC tournaments.

Sign Up Now Sign up right now by going to the Duelyst Open tournament page.

When Sep 24th 9am PT Swiss Rounds kick off here

Sep 30th and Oct 1st at 3pm PT Group Stages w/ Top 16

Oct 2nd at 3pm PT Playoffs w/ Top 8

Where to Watch You can catch all the exciting action live from Duelyst’s Twitch channel. Stay tuned for giveaways during the stream!

Every stage of the tournament will be broadcasted live one hour after the matches begin.

The S-Rank Ladder

Starting this month of September the S-Rank Ranked Ladder will no longer award Circuit Points towards the Duelyst World Championship.

We will continue to work towards a more permanent solution to the problems the S-Rank Ladder faces, but until that happens Sanctioned and Official Tournaments will be the sources for Circuit Points.

From this moment on, here are the three ways to obtain Circuit Points:

Circuit Points earned from the Ranked Ladder during August’s monthly season still counted towards that month’s ranking and will also count towards the DWC’s final scoreboard.

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Each major tournament has its own text and voice channel, so you can quickly find links to its tournament page and contact the admins. If you haven’t already, join the server now.

If you have any questions regarding the Season Qualifiers, Duelyst Opens or any other tournament don’t hesitate to contact Justice on Discord or michel@counterplay.co.

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