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Duelyst Won't Launch


So I’ll make this short and probably take it down soon whether or not it gets answered.

So my computer updated this morning, Oct 2, 206, on Windows 10,(update KB3194496) and for whatever reason, now Duelyst won’t launch or even open the launcher page. I tried rebooting the computer, checked the settings and task manager to see if there was any issues there, but nothing. I’ve clicked the launcher, and nothing, and if I right click and tell it to open, again nothing. I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling Duelyst yet it still doesn’t work. I did get it to launch through Steam, which I guess means problem solved??? The thing is that I often do work and homework while playing duelyst, thus, I have it in a smaller window. However, at least to my knowledge, you can’t do that through Steam (Since the windowed mode option only appears in the launcher, which as I said, doesn’t appear if launched through steam). I know that there’s no downside to playing through Steam outside of the windowed option (as a matter of fact there’s many rewards to playing through Steam), which I might just be derping on and don’t know how to switch to windowed mode, but it doesn’t make sense why the same launcher works through Steam, but not when I launch it from the desktop or files. I don’t know if this new update is for whatever reason blocking it or causing some kind of problem, or if its something completely unrelated and coincidental. Again, as of right now, its not an incredible issue, outside of some preferences, I can still play. What I wanted to know was if anyone else has been having this issue, or one similar to it since the update this morning. BTW, the update is KB3194496