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Duelyst Waifu Mods~ :D



You’re welcome. Be sure to backup your original files just in case :smiley:
Easy copy paste.
Remember to read the instructions.

This is the location for the resources.





Nice work friendo


Happy waifu happy laifu?

Looks cool for anyone who likes this kind of stuff. Could be especially cool for streamers who want to use personalized loading screen figures.


hehehehhe thanks :smiley:


mhm, it’s pretty much eye candy


Oh my, the music AND the cardbacks are good now!


glad you liked it ^~^


While I love the idea behind modding the loading art (which is painfully bad), I don’t think this kind of “content” (i.e. child sexualization) is appropriate for the forum.


Something has to be really wrong with you if you see anything inappropriate with the images above. Please just tell me you didn’t even look at the images and just assumed they were suggestive. That would make a lot more sense.


I don’t think ad hominem is necessary, so I’d appreciate it if you’d refrain from that.

I’m familiar enough with “internet culture”, so I understand if some people are desensitized to the idea of adult men referring to artwork of prepubescent children with terms like “waifu” and “eye candy”.

Amongst your own private discussions, that’s fine. However, on the official public forums, I would not consider it appropriate (if only in terms of public image for Duelyst).

Also, I’m sorry if I offended you, and am more than happy to continue discussion privately :slight_smile:


These gals are obviously at least young adults. I mean, they have more boobs than I do. =S Prepubescent they certainly are not.


Impressive, but slightly odd…


loli waifus best waifus XP


If you are female, that’s a fair point. If youre male, well…


YES EXACTLY :stuck_out_tongue: no harm intended, it’s only meant for selective tastes~


Well, regardless of intention, the lack of appropriateness stands. However, CPG doesn’t seem to care (enough) to do anything, so it’s rather moot.

I only hope that people with this “selective taste” are capable of distinguishing between them and their actions in daily life. Should this not be the case, then I hope this link may be of help: https://www.dont-offend.org/story/88/3888.html


Most of them arent lolis I was just saying lolis are the best since you brought it up


None of them are and it’s quite clear. That guy just like acting holier than thou, don’t pay too much attention to him.


I apologize if I’ve come off as such, but righteousness is not my aim. I don’t know your life story/experience, and I will not pretend to. You can classify this artwork across whatever dimension you so please, but the bottom line is that it depicts girls of child-like features/stature (whether that does/doesn’t fit under your concept of “loli” --which I can only imagine is more extreme-- is irrelevant). Moreso, this artwork has been presented and discussed as “waifu” and “eyecandy” material.

So, to reiterate, my primary concern is that this kind of topic/discussion conflicts with CPG’s desires to maintain a PG-13, non-lewd public forum. My secondary concern is that this kind of topic/discussion is psychologically unhealthy, and certainly distressing.

Again, if you think I am wrong, and that it is “forum friendly” (PG-13, non-lewd) for assumedly adult men discussing artwork of child-like girls as “waifu” and “eyecandy”, then I am genuinely happy to discuss this privately. I apologize for offending you Raqyee, I hope you understand where I’m coming from.


No I don’t understand. Literally nothing is lewd there and you keep implying there is. Not to mention, “waifu” isn’t what you think it is. Please just retire from this discussion. I know you think you’re in the right here but you’re factually not. Just let people enjoy their well drawn, fully clothed, cute anime characters without labeling them as something extreme as pedos. Thanks. For someone who claims is an adult and tries that hardest to appear that way, you really have no idea what you’re on about. Calling an innocent images of some random anime characters lewd, I don’t even know what’s going through your head. Anyway, I’m out, you’re just stubborn and in denial. Please don’t talk to me unless it’s about Duelyst, thanks.