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Duelyst; Unchained a.k.a. There is no faction

Do you want me to unchain Duelyst (for Sandbox mode only, of course)? It would be a simple matter… probably. And it’s fun to play against yourself, especially if you narrate both sides of the battle out loud. It’s a great alternative to friends.


It seems like you have a fun life


Bump because bump

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Since we all how OP buff rippers are…
imagine adding baconator into ragnora BS.

(Btw, how are you guys making these decks? Is there a website?)

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Sure there are sites :slightly_smiling_face:.
(The images normally tell which site is used somewhere.)

That’s the one I remember. Change settings as required.
Usually I save as horizontal.


Yes… YES! Show us your decks! We are thirsty for your cards.

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Metal bacon rip:

wailing overdrive / scion’s second wish can be replaced with shadow reflection / lava lance, replicant can be replaced with phantasm.


Oof, thx for the cancer :slight_smile: Plz add Flash and Shadow Reflection for that sweet 3 mana 7 dmg out of hand combo.

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There’s also duelystcards.com

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The law of fifteen characters prompt me to compose a rightfully formal and sound announcement to resurrect this near-deserted sacred temple of a thread to its former glory!

Be reborn, and be unchained once more! I use the spell card, Thread Reborn, to special summon this thread onto my field!


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