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I have decided to open a thread that should have already been opened ages ago. May this thread flood with cross-Faction decks! Get creative with wild combos Duelyst will most likely never see! Makantor Warbeast in a non-Magmar deck! Ebon Ox with actually competitive decklists! Nemeton finally usable! Smash Vaath with Grandmaster Z’ir! The possibilities are endless!

I made a Wanderer Ragnora because I want to experience true cancer.

Also a Dying Wish deck that’s very very unreliably fun!

Titan Ox!


I clicked Abhorrent Unbirth and got carried away.


My eyes almost bugged out looking at that first deck. Mythron decks are always so hard to look at :smiley:

These are some really cool combos. Arcade mode would be such a fun waste of time in the game. I gotta try my hand at one.


Bring back Rift mode!

also, the background being on the decklists look surprisingly okay.


You did not just Decispikes me like that. Worth mentioning is that Tusk Boar seems like a staple in a lot of Unchained decks due to how valuably low-cost it is outside of Songhai.


All along I was wondering why, given all the powers of the universe, it still seemed like absolute cheese was standard Magmar stuff.

Maybe it’s just my lack of imagination.


Given Sphere and Corona have been nerfed into the ground and would likely need to be replaced, along with some other potential optimizing. This thread just brought back some old memories so figured I would dig them up.

Didn’t someone end up pulling this off before rift mode went away?


Here’s mine. The ultimate burn deck.
Dark seed is there because the text says: “Deal 1 damage to the enemy General for each card in the opponent’s action bar” and not “Deal damage to the enemy General equal to the number of cards in the opponent’s action bar”, which means that with 8 g8 / crescent spear, you should be able to do insane damage.


I think there is only one proc tho. Can’t say for sure. Been a while since I used it.


It’s a one-proc, just like Munch which should also be multi-proc if they followed the text, but they didn’t.

On a side note, you can replace Plasma Storm and Dark Seed for Homeostatic Rebuke and Ghost Lightning. With that much spell amplifying support GL should be more than enough removal for even an above-average tanky swarm.


Thanks to @cloudfrog I may have inadvertantely discovered a scary combo. Flawless Reflection multiplies Riftwalker’s effect, so it should do the same to Dustdrinker. Which max optimization equals… 45 damage. So you can guarentee GG if you have done ZERO damage to the enemy general and summoned only one Dustdrinker at 6 transformations.

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that was the initial plan, with gravity wells and seraphims and auroraboros…
but that’s 3 legendaries i do not have :joy:
got embla tho, so at least.
but also:

or just going face with ghost seraphim would be enough to knock out anyone xD


Sunbreaker/Oropsisaur anyone? Maybe Alabaster too.