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Duelyst Tournament Report 4-16-2018 Team Wars end of season awards?


So this should be the last tourney report i do with my editors looking at them.So the next tournament report should be much improve in writing quality. Anyways here is the latest version

Couple parts of the report.

End of Seasons Awards

MVP- YerBoiJosh
Runner-up RHacker

As with sports it comes down to the player who is most valuable to their team and player who has played the best on the one of the best teams. In this case I am the one making the call in this article and I believe what Yerboijosh has done has been spectacular.You can make an argument for say Ryvirath or RHacker but I think yerbojosh has been the most valuable for his team.

If you can’t tell I am big sports fan and one of the most interesting thing is the end of season all pro teams.So here is my picks for the best of the best from this season

1st team
YerBoiJosh 36/17

RHacker 32-12

Juvey’s Disciples Rviryath 18-9

Astral Crusader Kieran 13/4

Free Wins Here 56u7 27-12

Serpenti Squad- Zabiool 20-7

2nd team
Juvey’s Disciples Alpha Century 13/6

Astral Crusader Improbable Blob 16/6

CoCC Freud -12/5

Black Boxer Dragall 14-4

Black Boxer MinMaxer 17/12

Three Moves Ahead- Nivv 15-24

Free Wins Here 56u7 27-12

Serpenti Squad- Zabiool 20-7

Juvey’s Disciples Rviryath 18-9/Alpha Century 13/6

CoCC Freud -12/5

Black Boxers Dragall 14-4/MinMaxer 17/12

Misplay Display Starkly 17-24

Meltdown Town RHacker 32-12

Astral Crusader Kieran 13/4 Improbable Blob 16/6

March of Warriors PixelLegionnaire 9/10

Tear One Themightybaloon 7/10

Bloodbound Brothers YerBoiJosh 36/17

Always Replace Last Mycroft92 17/18

Alabakis IceyFire95 19/23

Other Awards

The hey aren’t you going to play award- Ferroca and F8D

Undefeated Award- Kirabi

Highest Win Percent

Dragall 14-4 77.78%

Runner up Kieran 13/4 76.47%

Highest Win Percent with only 5 games Juvey 4-1 80.00%

The biggest surprise-Alabakis They started late in the tournament but up until the second to last week they had a chance to make playoffs,I think the future will bring good things for this team

As usually I am still tweaking stuff this will probably end being it own thing but for now this the format of the section

The Meta Report

I am making a small adjustment with this section to keep it simple this section we are just going to talk about small snapshot of the competitive game at the moment.Team Wars stats are not the only factors involved in this section. A lot of this will be speculation until we get more stats involved something I am working on fixing.

Thanks to CrnakyPandu for his spreadsheet Magic

Factions Wins Losses Percentage

Lyonar 135 117 53.57%

Songhai 130 119 52.21%

Vetruvian 110 122 47.41%

Abyssian 73 121 37.63%

Magmar 155 109 58.71%

Vanar 102 116 46.79%

So looking back at this period of Duelyst and Team Wars I think you have to be pretty happy with the balance found in the game. Abyss is the big issue but there are signs pointing to Abyss having at least one competitive deck now.

Factions Wins Losses Percentage

Lyonar 15 11 57.69%

Songhai 5 10 33.33%

Vetruvian 12 9 57.14%

Abyssian 5 10 33.33%

Magmar 14 8 63.64%

Vanar 8 11 42.11%

There is really nothing much to say here, I think this these are how stats are basically supposed to look they will peak and valley from week to week. So it is still pretty in early in the metagame but stats are reflecting what we already know Lyonar is pretty good they have Strageos, Titan, and Tempo lists. Vetruvian is pretty good and the “Sandhai” decks flew under the radar when Strategos was being focused on people should be beginning to see how good that deck is when the dust settles I think that some variant of that deck could be the best deck in the game. Magmar I don’t think has an individual amazing deck( it has above average decks though) but it has the best tools for dealing with Lyonar and Vetruvian so just on that fact it has a place in the game.

Unlike the former metagame we have the card Mythron Wanderer and depending on your opinion of highlander decks it might affect your thinking how good they are overall but undeniable that Wanderer is a better card than most people thought and now meta has unpredictable “good” decks that can show up in almost every general and that makes the metagame more stable than people think. I don’t think any faction is truly miserable shape because highlander decks exist. So what about Abyss that is going to interesting conversation going into the future I have seen players who I respect their opinion say that Aggro Cass is good. I personally think Wanderer Lilthle is a very good deck.So even the worse faction is playable in metagame. They might need to work to get your favorite archetype to work like creep or wraithling swarm but you aren’t with out options anymore.

Several Tournaments are in the works here are some below

Trials of the seven sanctum

The Duelyst Melee


Gauntlet Throwdown

The Ostracon

The Saltiest Duelyst


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