Duelyst Tournament Report 3-10-2018


Here is the very late Duelyst Tournament Report 3-10-2018

If you want read thing full thing it is on my blog.Here is a small snippet

Weekly Faction Stats

      Wins	  Losses

Lyonar 82 74
Songhai 80 76
Vetruvian 56 75
Abyssian 60 76
Magmar 99 71
Vanar 66 71

Factions Wins Losses Percentage
Lyonar 9 8 52.94%
Songhai 8 10 44.44%
Vetruvian 1 10 9.09%
Abyssian 5 11 31.25%
Magmar 28 6 82.35%
Vanar 2 8 20.00%

This is my favorite week Team Wars so far for the faction breakdown.Every week I try to read a little into what is going with the stats.The sample size in Team Wars isn’t big enough to give you a full perspective on everything going with game but it does give you a great place to start asking question or making a statement.This week statement is that when piloted but some of the best players in the game Magmar is very good. Magmar isn’t a one trick pony either both Vaath and Ragnora appear to be solid.

Vetruvian struggles continue to happen contradicting the general thought process Vetruvian is strongest faction in the game has several cards need of nerfing. We are never going to get the answer in this tournament because the expansion will hit before the playoffs.And the general thought process would be when the good players and teams are focused on winning Vetruvian is going to really well.

This deck list submission was so awesome I had to show it off

Team wars week 8 decklist


Hmm… I wonder what magmar player could have caused this. :thinking:


it was a combination of dragall, myself, nangert, and zabiool (there is a limit on how much one player can win). what is also funny is that I think 4 of magmar’s 6 losses were to magmar :smiley:


Pls don’t nerf Magmar, it’s the best counter to Magmar after all :frowning: Good thing Magmar is getting some new powerful cards so we can use those to stop the oppression of Magmar


Pixellegionare went 3:1 against CoCC, which is pretty notable if you ask me.


Does the link in the OP work for anybody else?


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