Duelyst - Tabletop Edition!


What do you mean? I didn’t get it.
I meant that, when you want to replace, you can say “I replace this card” and -as the other player watches you- put that card down (in front of you) and take one form the deck.


Well on the real game the other player won’t know what card you replace, so…


Oh yes, that’s why I said that you can´t be sure you get a card different from the one you just replaced. My idea was if you replace a card, you draw a card, no matter what you get :smile:


You do know it is simple for the player who is replacing the card to place the original card on the side and then grab a card from the deck. Then proceed to reshuffle the deck with the original card after.


This looks really cool. I would buy this!


another extreme could be you decide what happens.


Yes, that’s another good option.


There is a side deck with all faction cards from which you draw 2 random cards. It wouldn’t be that complicated to do. I saw more complicated stuff in other board games.


Wow, this is sooo cool! Where can I buy this? :slight_smile:


Thanks :smiley: It’s not on sale :sweat_smile:


Woah, that’s the most amount of likes I’ve seen on one post. Woah


This is just sweet. Nothing else to say, really.


Yeah, amazing, but be careful, with the new “merge”, you could be sued by nice “associates” for copyright infrigement …


I was just thinking about that…:worried:


As I said, I’m not selling this, and I won’t sell it. I did it so as me and my friends (some of which don’t have access to a computer good enough to play it) could enjoy the game anyways. I don’t think they can sue me just because I did this. It’s just fan art :thinking:

If they start suing, they should sue all other fan arts that are around the internet… I don’t see the logic on that.


Woa! It’s amazing! I quite like it, it makes me want to build a set myself. I don’t know how you can improve it, but I know of a board game wery simmiar to duelyst called summoner wars, maybe you can take some mechanics from there. Here’s a video tutorial of the game:

I hope it will help you


Sorry for the late reply! Interesting game. I’m planning to design a “trading” card board game in the future. That video will be useful, thank you! :slight_smile:


I like this game! Love how you can just use the cards as the pieces themselves, instead of having to dig through and find actual pieces…


Are you already working on the expansion? :smiley:


erm… no. I want to play a little more with my friends before expanding it, provided that it’s worth it :smile: