Duelyst - Tabletop Edition!


I don’t print it :sweat_smile:

Hmm… I could roll two dices to select a row and a column of the board. Again, very inconvenient, but may work.




If I remember correctly, Duelyst actually started out as a tabletop game. This looks really well done man, you should be proud.


Yep! Check out Duelyst’s humble beginnings on this kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/keithlee/duelyst/description

I like to think cards like Sun Wisp and Bounded Lifeforce are just the developers running out of figurines and using dice as units.


This is amazing! If you ever sold this somehow, I’d buy it


I wouldn’t.

nobody would play with me


The arenas ans spells look so much cooler then instead of now, also that Argeon.


How would cards like lkian work in a rl version?


I always imagine something like this, but with miniatures like in warhammer


This is amazing. Counterplay, hire this person and mass produce them please


Really cool to see them on physical form! Well done OP! :star_struck:


With the help of bandai, maybe…


This is really well done, good effort!

Sadly, due to the nature of duelyst being an online CCG’s, many card effects will be hard it impossible to replicate. Despite this, what you have looks very good!


Looks good, but how do you random? Specifically, how do you shuffle?


Same here! But it would be difficult to make them so as they look like the in-game sprites :thinking:


I’d love it! :rofl: At least I would like them to sell some vinyl figures of the Generals and/or most used minions.


Thanks :blush:
You are right, but maybe with a few changes (changing RNG systems with dice rolls, for instance) it could be possible. Or, as an extreme solution, not printing them in the physical version.


I shuffle… shuffling? :sweat_smile: I mean, manually haha


Doesn’t the gem in the top left corner cause issues?


Yes, but not that much. They are still easily shuffleable :grin:


Thing is, the other player won’t know if the card replaced is the same card as the player draws. This could lead into cheating, to say.