Duelyst - Tabletop Edition!


Hi everyone!

I made this board game edition of Duelyst, to play with my friends anywhere :smiley: Complete with three decks (Magmar, Abyssian and Songhai), figurines, the game board (obviously) and a few dices and tokens. Y also printed some sheets to keep track of the Atk/Def stats of Generals and Minions.

I had always thought that Duelyst had potential to be a good board game and decided to test it out.

What do you think? :smiley: Should Counterplay/Bandai release a physical version of the game (I think it would be quite impractical to sell it on the big market but who knows, maybe with a few changes it would be possible).

Here are a few pics:

The Generals with their decks

All set up for a duel


Figurine detail

I was lucky to find a box where I could fit everything in :smile:

Some of the sheets I printed. In total, I had to print 11 A3 sheets and one A4. A LOT to cut and glue :sweat_smile:
To make the figurines and the board more durable, I glued them on a cardboard (a pretty thick cardboard for the board) before cutting them. I also painted them with a matte varnish coat to protect them even more.

Edit: this is the table I use to write the hp’s and counters:

Well, tell me what you think! :relaxed: How could I improve it?



Sweet, duelyst had IRL cards before used for testing and other things I think, Btw I would recommend buying deck boxes, sleeves and binders if you are going to take the cards safety seriously!

Edit: images didn’t load so I thought they were cards
Edit 2: I keep on getting even more confused.


I would really like to buy sleeves, but they are too expensive where I live (and I would need at least 120 :cry:). Maybe I could buy them from here in a while.


Awesome job! How would you plan on dealing with generals hp and dmg counters?


For real? Oh :frowning_face: I can see them without a problem


I made a table to keep track of it. I’ll edit the post and add a pic of that (I can’t upload an image on this reply)


Guess the game requires a moderator for all the RNG stuffs, primarily about replacing cards.

It looks very hard though, how can you implement card generation here? (L’kian, for example).


In what world is €4.50 for 50 expensive? if it does cost more for you, than I’m deeply sorry.
Edit: that might be the cost of deck boxes, which cost more.


In Argentina. Sadly, with all the importation fees and high inflation of prices, everything is expensive here. They cost $180 (Argentinian Pesos) for 50, more or less.


Well, there is not much of a problem replacing cards. You can just put one down and take other form the deck, then shuffle the first one back to the deck (this can’t assure you get a different one from the one you just replaced, though). With card generation is a bit more difficult. I was thinking in searching from the deck all the cards from your faction and randomly choosing two. Very inconvenient, but may work.


This could also be duelyst without rng.


Yes, deckboxes are even more expensive :sweat_smile: But I could manage to make them myself :thinking:


I don’t think konami publishes this game :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, natural randomness is the best :rofl:


Ooops :fearful:


even if they did you couldn’t rely on them doing it.


How do you deal with all of the RNG interactions?

BTW, it’s really awesome that you did this! Have you managed to play with anyone yet or are you just showcasing it for now?


No, you are right. I was just dreaming awake haha


In fact, I don’t have that many cards that need RNG. With random placement, I roll a 8-sided dice.

Thanks :blush:
I am just showcasing it. I will hang out with a few friends to test it out next week.


what happens when you print sarlac?