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Hi Everyone,
I was thinking of ideas for the Word to Card contest run by @anjosustrakr and I wanted to compare how broken or underpowered my card design was to the rest of the cards in dooli. That’s when I started looking for the average stats for the cards in Vanar. the faction I wanted my card idea to come from I couldn’t find anywhere that had these stats from a google search and I don’t know if a collection of them exists. Thus I would like to create one with the help of the community.

I would hope to catalog the total stats for all units, all spells, all tokens, all artifacts, all units based on cost, all units based on faction etc. Some of these would have subsections ie. all units in Vanar based on cost and things of this nature. I would then like to put all this information into a place everyone can see it maybe a spreadsheet at first and if things go well it’s own database.

If u would be interested in helping u can ask me about anything that needs to be done in this thread. Also if u are interested in helping this move to a website that would be awesome cause I have no idea how to do that UI stuff :sweat_smile:




Getting the info wouldn’t be too hard, just would be time consuming.

Like 2 drop Vanar minions average 1.92 attack, 2.33 health. Excluding spells that summon minions like Gravity well. Maybe, if something like this was done it could be added to existing websites like Duelyst Central or Bagoum for example. But like I said, it would quite time consuming to do it.


I’m pretty sure there is already a database like this somewhere. Ask @bepoest, maybe he’ll know.


There is bagoum, but it only sorts things roughly instead of drawing stats from it.


This guy made this very helpful post:

The post includes a link to some files, some of those files are cards.json and card_database.csv. You can use the data in those files to achieve what you want pretty easily.


This particular JSON version above is not up to date with the latest Duelyst patch.

The following is up to date:

I don’t have a corresponding up to date CSV file though. :confused:


Thanks for linking an updated JSON version, I forgot that the one I linked does not include the big balance patch.

Hey @rook, if you really need .csv file, you can take a look at the patch notes and make the changes yourself? Here are the patch notes:


Good luck!


Alright thanks a ton everybody. I really appreciate it and I’ll start working on this after finals next week so I’m hoping to get it done over winter break and will keep the thread posted on my progress.


I have figured out how to access json files in python and have begun sorting through the giant heap of cards held in the file to get the stats


Bump bump bump.


Alright I got my last set of finals tomorrow and then I’m heading home for break so I can finally focus on getting this thing done. :wink:


I am excited :slight_smile:


Things are going well in case anyone is wondering.

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