Duelyst sing along


Let’s post duelyst themed holiday songs

I’ll start:

Rushing through the creep
On elucidators tail
Over the map we reach
Laughing all the way
Buffs on rush cats sting
Making mags emote :sunglasses:
What fun it is to rush and buff
A keeper deck tonight

Jungle Bells
Songhai smells
Starhorn laid an egg
Both twin fangs lost their charge
And the Reva got away
Jungle bells
Songhai smells
Just got thumping wave
Oh what fun it is to ride
On a thumping makantor!


I wish I could give more likes than 1 :smiley:


how about posting more songs and make them duelyst-y


Are they encouraged to be christmas themed?


thats what i was originally going for given the season, but other winter holiday songs would be great too. i dont wanna see any easter songs though. at least not for a few months (if this thread even lasts that long)


Can I repost mine from the meme thread?


sure! why not. i made this thread because so many people had songs on that thread.


Duelyst Christmas Album:

Deck the Vanar:
Deck the field with rows of walls
Do two damage in the generals row
Tis the season for the hearth (sister)
Swap rows and do more damage
Go face with a kineticat
Stall as the warbird passes
Take the Grandmaster as a Waifu
Summon 4 1/2 provokes
Wake the winter and kill
And thats how you win a Vanar game*

Makantor Claus:
You better not have less than 3 attack
Cause Magmar is gonna plasma storm you
Makantor Claus is coming to town
He’s costing 6 mana but he’s well worth it
3 in every deck ever
Makantor Claus is coming to town
The forums meme
The players curse, flipping hell, this guy is the worst
Makantor claus is coming to town
When your at 9 you better watch out
Cause Makantor is gonna come thumpin’
Makantor Claus is coming to towwnnn!

Rudolf the Red Tusked Warbeast:
Rudolf the red tusked Warbeast had very shiny tusks
And if you ever saw them, you would even say they glowed,
All of the other Makantors used to laugh and call him names,
They never let poor Rudolph get drawn in any games he played,
Then one desperate game, Vaath crossed his fingers and prayed,
Then he drew Rudolph, and saw his awesome sprite work,
He then played rudolph and won the game,
From that day on, the legends say,
That Vaath used him in every game,
Revered by all and loved by many, He became the one they love,
Rudolph became Makantor Jesus the one to whom we pray,
The Warbeasts love Rudolph as their lord and savior…


Happy face rush to you,
Decimus will mill you,
Happy lucy-makantor,
Thumping their love~ to you.

I tried.


What’s the tune?
Also don’t worry if your song is awful, the most important part is having fun!
And Being the best SHUT UP OTHER ME!


Im guessing snowwy was singing jingle bells, i liked it tbh


i thought it was going for a “we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year” tune… then i read it again and realized it goes perfectly with the “happy birthday” song


But it fits perfectly with “Happy Birthday to You”


I think he just created the first universal song lol


Reva, baby,
Just pull a win right out of your ass.
Be fast.
And please just let this one win streak last,
Reva, baby,
So hurry up the ladder tonight.

Reva, baby,
I’m trying to hit S Rank you see,
So please,
Dig for that Spiral Tech just for me.
Reva, baby,
Let’s hurry up the ladder tonight.

Think of all the n00bs we have rekt.
Think of all the time I spent building this deck.
We can beat the Aggro Mags and Abyss,
And check this game off of my Christmas list.

Reva, baby,
I only need another 6 face,
And find the Phoenix Fire I need,
Reva, baby,
We’re going up the ladder tonight.


It’s a happy birthday song guys hahahhaha


I saw Va-a-ath play-ing control
Did not have a turn one sunsteel
I still had above 20 hp
In three turns i did not concede
I thought that i was f**ked
When i say Maknator Warbeast

Then, I saw Vaath equip adamantite Claws
and i went to the forums to post a nerf threeead
But ohh, how beautiful it was for me
When vaath ran from me
Cause i played Nosh-Rak then killed him from 60 hp


i just realized it goes equally as well as “faie la la la la la la la la” as it does as “kara la la la la la la la”


sleet dasher clears your board
spamming warbird on your face
enfeeble all your dudes
then skorn sweeps them away
when you get me low
i’ll use concealing shroud
oh i love to play control
and stop this aggro crowd


Vanar spells, Vanar spells
you can’t play the game
now i’ll drop a Jax Truesight
and razorback your face


Are you okay with me recording and singing this? as a Reva main, omfg LOL this is my favorite