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Duelyst related pick up lines? (Or unrelated ;) the fixed post we need


Also I think they fixed 15chars


Although I may be a masochist, people call me a sadist.




You are making me want to hurt you😏


I’m calling 999.


Pm me tinder profile xd



Eu? Ewww

Also, pls dont.
A loliconartist would never survive in prison


AHA! Finally figured out the meaning of the name!





See, im saying only that aspect of the name would not survive. A loli conartist would survive, becuz she be thicc


Lyonar nerds. They never go outdated.
Dude does lyonar rock hard in this meme post


much better than that crusader back there
no more astral memes


You are Legion, and I feel better every time I see you.


Hey are you my win condition? Cuz id break my keyboard in rage just to see you


Hey! Are you my opponents salt? Cause I just love it when I see you.

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