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Duelyst related pick up lines? (Or unrelated ;) the fixed post we need


I’ve done this to myself


Is your last name Sarlac? Cuz I can’t get you out of my mind.

Wow, I guess I’m the cringe king of this topic now


Boy you picking up a fight, ain’t ya? You will regret it as soon as I reach 6 mana



When they play serpenti. U kill. Then they play the 2 mana eggy boi and revive the serpenti with inceptor


Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Your already dead
Omae wa mou shindeiru

(Ps., no u)


are you a silverguard knight? Cuz I always want you next to me <3



On the dance floor, I wanna be a Syvrel the Exile, so I can pull you close to me~ :heart:


Is it just me, or do you have provoke? Cause I can’t take my eyes off you.


Are you a grove lion? Cuz you make me feel safe


Ayy girl, do you play Eggmar?
‘cos I want some o’ that Embryonic… In…sight…

You know what? Forget I said anything.


Hey, are you blood of air, because you always come when i most need you


Are you Paddo, because you seem to push people away… Wait… let me try again.

Are you a Ghost Lynx, because no matter where you push me, I’ll always pull you back in my arms like Syvrel the Exile… Dammit it’s too long…


XD nt


Ur beauty is so mesmerizing, I seem to have lost control of myself. :face_vomiting:


Are you replicant? I just can’t get rid of you!


Here’s my go-to pickup line:

Are you a star? I want to be an astronomer and find out all about you. So what’s your age and mass?


Are you a Lodestar? Because I’m attracted to you!


Are you Kraigon? Because you make my little general grow insert lenny face


I bet ur a Big Bad Sexmachine, cause u just activated my blood surge. :crazy_face:


You’re not Astral Crusader, because I will never replace you.