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Duelyst related pick up lines? (Or unrelated ;) the fixed post we need


Lets thunk up some hot duelyst pickup lines!
Are you cassyva? Cuz I wanna be your creep!

We can do better than this guys, cmon


there’s like, 2 girls tops in duelyst tho
also oh my god that annoys me so much


[tries to think of BDSM related Maehv jokes]


Hey babe wanna feel my Gargantuan Growth?

I’ll go kill myself now bye.


Are you sajj? Cuz I want you to dominate my will


I know for a fact theres more than 2.
Of course serpenti counts


Are you dagona? Cuz I want you to devour me :wink:


(Also, i am on the side of :wink:



complete failure




Start here and scroll down


Did you summon Variax? Because you just made my life AWESOME
You are the Destiny to my Trial.
I love everyone, but I love you twice as much, my Noshrak
I am your Blood Taura. Your happiness is my mana.
You must be a Sellsoul. It hurts when I lose you.


Hot Day-um! You must be an ironcliff guardian 'cause I want to form a divine bond with you/ you could kill someone with dat booty.


Okay, that’s too much love. I better balance things out with some hate-up lines:

Are you Serpenti? 'Cause you’re a useless forgettable meme that will never amount to anything in life.

Are you Eclipse? 'Cause I don’t know what the hell you are. Get out of my face.

Are you the replace bug? 'Cause I’m pretty sure you don’t exist.

Hey Ileana, I like that outfit. It would look better on a viable general.


My old one from Wintermu7e’s Discord:

Your magnetizing eyes shine like a blooming sun, share this divine bond with me while we complete the circle of life.


Are you @galaxydueler? Cause I think we’re doomed to be together


Vanar related:

You are my Cryonic Potential… You give me a heads up when I am feeling down.

You are my Boundless Courage… For you I will dash through hell and back

You have infiltrated my heart… Cause your’re giving me the shivers

Lets both go down to the Glacial Fissure ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I would never have expected my pick up lines thread to pick up so many lines


Hey! That is my gig!


then we are of like mind.