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Duelyst Rank Distribution Chartby Counterplay Games / October 10, 2016

Ever wonder where you stand in the Duelyst Ranked Ladder amongst your peers?

We’ve received many questions about this, so we’ve compiled a ranked distribution chart for you:

  • Less than 2% of the players reach S-Rank or Diamond Divisions
  • 5.1% of our players reach S-Rank, Diamond, or Gold Division every month
  • ~95% of players land on Silver and Bronze Division every month

Note that this data is based on players who’ve played at least 1 ranked match that month.

Reaching Diamond or S-Rank is very challenging and requires tremendous dedication, experience, and intricate knowledge of the game.

That means you’re doing very well just hitting Silver Division every month!

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So what you are saying is that most Duelyst players quit after a few games and never return? =S


How do the stats look for last month in particular? Did the Humble Bundle promotion cause any distortion?