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Duelyst Rank Distribution Chartby Counterplay Games / October 10, 2016

Ever wonder where you stand in the Duelyst Ranked Ladder amongst your peers?

We’ve received many questions about this, so we’ve compiled a ranked distribution chart for you:

  • Less than 2% of the players reach S-Rank or Diamond Divisions
  • 5.1% of our players reach S-Rank, Diamond, or Gold Division every month
  • ~95% of players land on Silver and Bronze Division every month

Note that this data is based on players who’ve played at least 1 ranked match that month.

Reaching Diamond, and S-Rank is very challenging and requires tremendous dedication, experience, and intricate knowledge of the game.

So realize that you’re doing very well just hitting Silver Division every month!

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Tempo Lyonar still broken

0_0 My god I didn’t know we had so many bronze players. I always assumed you could get out of there if you were halfway decent. Guess not?


I chuckled a little bit tbh.


You reach silver by throwing potatoes at the screen and I guess everyone does that at some point when playing the game :]


I think it’s because they count the players that don’t play anymore. As your rank decreases each season, they are bronze after some time.


It says they took the data on people who played at least one game of ranked that month. :confused:


That is incorrect Torgue, this is from players who played at least one ranked game.


I never thought of myself off being in the top 2 or 5 percent… really information!


i wonder what that chart would look like if it only included the people active on the forums


It would be more interesting to count players that have… let’s say 20 or so games this month.
Bronze includes everyone who tried the game and left because he didn’t like it.


Thanks for this, nice to know :slight_smile:


This is honestly quite surprising to me, maybe because I have only played for two seasons (only for 4 days in my first season too lol because of holidays) and don’t have a good grip on the size of the playerbase. But I expected gold to be approximately 30% of the playerbase, silver and bronze together like 60%, diamond 9% and then S-rank like 1%. Something along those lines at least, I thought gold should be easy for most but perhaps a lot of people in silver who just couldn’t make it or don’t play enough/are new.


Actually this sounds like bad news. Hitting silver is really easy, so this makes me think not many people actually play the game, which is sad :disappointed:

I would like to know how many players are actually active, like the onew that played at least 10 games.


Huh. Is Gold really that hard to get? I end up hitting Rank 10 accidentally each month :confused:


Huh, I didn’t think I was in the top 5%, hitting Diamond doesn’t seem that hard.


Wow, that’s amazing. I’m surprised so few people hit diamond honestly.


How come Emil always double-post? Haha.


Only 1 in 20 players reaches Gold? Wow. Even including try-and-leavers, that’s pretty low. Not that I’m in Gold, or likely to be this month…


It’s like the same when we got the data from Hearthstone’s ladder.
A lot of people stay at the bottom because they just made daily quest and didn’t return in ranked mode. Just want to play for fun and don’t like competition!
I guess people play for gold and that’s it. Just want to improve their card’s collection.


yeah, this statistic is misleading. Because they are including people who download the game, play just a few games, then don’t come back. Need to set minimum games played to 10 or 20 if you want a more useful statistic of the actual player base. Thus, removing those who try and play the game for less than 2 days.