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I’m planning on putting out the (Possibly Last Ever) Power Rankings, well sometime in the future, no rush from my end though as I’d rather take time and make it a bit nicer, try and get every deck a new writeup and make sure it would be a reasonable representation of our indefinitely lasting meta. One new thing I wanted to do though was get the community a bit involved, so I’ve created a teeny little survey for you to give me a bit of crowdsourced data. I think it will be fun to compare how closely it matches our opinions and use it as one of our data points.

So if you’d like to throw in your opinion: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/XTLHSQQ

Also, If you think you’re THE AUTHORITY on a certain deck and want to write the blurb for it then please DM let me know. I’d very much appreciate that.

Alright, have a good day everyone. :slight_smile:



no birds cassyva

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i didn’t trust most of the people in the closed alpha cool kids club voting on these rankings and now you want the savages in on it to. Kudos to you fine sir, credibility be damned.



It will be an interesting experiment though.



I totally forgot that shit



I should just clarify that while I haven’t decided exactly how I’m going to use it, it definitely won’t be each person voting on that survey having equal weight to the usual crew. It may only be used as a comparison against our averages. eg. fault #1, average: 1.4, community: 2. Or i might use the combined community votes as one additional entry equal to one individual member, as well as the above comparison. Also also I was considering using these to narrow down the decks we vote on as you know there’s usually someone who says we should add X or Y deck then it either ends up at the bottom anyway or criticized by the peanut gallery because they didn’t see it in the 60 games they played this month.

Mostly I just thought it’d be a fun and interesting thing to do.



I agree with having a community average then our average

Like who? :thinking:



Me. (I don’t believe in rankings, only communism)



Opening up the power rankings to include everyone (the community) could be very interesting. Since perceived power and actual power are two different things. Like lower down the ranks, you might see the raise of certain decks either because people don’t know how to play around it or because its more popular due to the average skill of a player being lower. Therefore, those decks could be placed higher by lower players then what people in S-rank would place them.

Although, I would expect most people to be having very similar top 5’s. Then start to vary wildly after the top 10 places.


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