Duelyst Patch 1.87 – Unearthed Prophecy Expansion Launch – Duelyst


Oh? Well that explains some of it… Interesting how a publisher immediately puts its stamp on the game by way of changing the names of household ingrained cards suddenly.

Weird… legal reasons…Odd. ‘Fox’ cannot be a copyright issue.

Yes, it will take quite a lot to get used to it.

It feels… wrong. Especially for Bloodmoon and Bloodletter (FACESTRIKER??? sounds like a toddler made that one up, no offense!) and Dragonbone and most definitely Aspect of the Fox…

As a kickstarter backer I am not thrilled to have a publisher now after all anyway.

But I am really happy with the cards :slight_smile: Looking forward to playing a lot with them!


Its ironic that aspect of the fox transformed a minion into a wolf ravager while aspect of the ravager transforms the minion into a fox ravager.


I guess Furiosa isn’t such a bad name, since we’ve all been calling the card that anyway (at least, anyone who’s seen Mad Max: Fury Road; legal reasons you say?).


Name change reminds me of MTG. It was originally called “Magic”. But team’s lawyer said said the name was too generic. So the official name was changed to “Mana Clash”. But the devs and players still called it Magic. So the official name was changed again to “Magic: The Gathering”.


We’re the names changed due to the game Bloodborne Bandai Namco also owns or was it something different?


Um. also a change in this patch a believe the audio books for the codex have been removed. Will these ever return or will they be gone forever?

im guessing it has to do with the name changes


Whaaaaaaaat noooooooooo!


The majority of the games loses their essense when big companys get into their game. For some strange reason, i do think that is what this game gonna be, another big company slave.


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