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Yes that is true, but if the changed Core and Shim’Zar cards provide a bonus upon disechanting, its only natural that RoB and AB give out something too. Even if you think that they dont owe you anything for changing the product you acquired, its a matter of consistency.


I know I’m late af, but…

Never forgetti, rest in spaghetti (even tho it was a cancer).


Although I haven’t been able to play as much recently as I would have liked, I can still give my two cents regarding these nerfs.

Enfeeble: I think people would have been okay with this at 4 mana, 5 seems a bit much that also affects your board. Just look at Magmar’s alternative. For one more mana you get to remove abilities, AND have it happen only to enemy minions. Sure, it is temporary, but one turn is all you need to reverse the tides.

Keleino: glad it got nerfed, but again this seems like a bit more than what I would have expected. 2/4 would have been just fine, but 3/3 is going to make it vulnerable to tiger and Phoenix fire, among others, which is a big deal. As a magmar player, I can say that it does buffer it a bit more versus natural selection, but that’s hardly a consolation.

Thumping Wave: Understandable. Thumpidator had to be hit somehow, and this also affects tiger, opening up design space for Magmar now that their huge closing power has been hit.

Flash Reincarnation: only affects cheesy FR stacking, which was an edge case that wasn’t healthy. Good nerf.

Chrysalis burst: I am…very upset by this. This was one of my favorite cards in the game. Did it need to be changed? Sure. But you could have waited until the patch you added egg support. And you can’t even say that you need to gauge its current strength level before making more adjustments; you KNOW it’s total garbage now. Oh well…

Windblade adept: I’m just as surprised as everyone else regarding this. but I think it makes sense. Even considering that Lyonar is known for its minion stats, this went beyond even that standard. However, if this change is needed, what does that make Crystal Cloaker?

Grandmaster Nosh-Rak: honestly not the first vet card I would put on the chopping block. Vet has a hard enough time maintaining a board late game, I hardly ever saw this card close out games in any capacity. Would have much preferred Aymara Healer for a nerf instead.

Meltdown: pretty garbage now, really hurts a lot of unique control decks for factions that otherwise would not have a win condition. The case of Vanar abusing it could have been handled in another way. But overall not too upset I suppose. The problem wasn’t RNG, the strength of this card shown in conjunction with control to make its effect as consistent as possible.

Overall: pretty happy with this changes. Some were expected, some came out of left field, with Chrysalis Burst being the only one I directly oppose simply due to leaving it in a useless state without compensation. But I can live between now and when future eggmar support is released. Please, please nerf lava lasher though. I have to include it in all my decks no matter what it is centered around, because of the huge tempo shift it brings. Rage binder is a card that people complain about but I am more on the fence regarding it, however lava lasher is 100% OP.


What I like about this is that is places Enfeeble on the same card cost as Frostburn, so it requires decision making when building a deck. What I’m seeing a bit of, and I like the idea of, are globals/board spells, as well as single target removals, costing 5+. Look for how many spells are global/board based and you won’t find many (or maybe any?) that cost less than 4 or 5.

When Enfeeble and Frostburn share the same mana cost, choices do have to be made. I heard this remark made for Vet’s 3 and/or 6 mana costs, which is why I bring this up.


This definitely severely weakens the ‘stalling into a meltdown’ bullshit


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