Duelyst Patch 1.83 – Duelyst


I think the nerf to enfeeble was a bit too hard … +2 in mana cost prevents the full clear combo with frost burn and only allows a full clear with blistering skorn … besides control vanar aren’t really meta atm, and arcanyst tempo vanar will still rek face …
Kelaino deserved the nerf … putting her at 3 hp makes it pretty easy to kill though, would have preferred her being a 2-4 or something …
Thumping wave’s +1 mana nerf imo is perfect, didn’t break the card just tuned it down a bit which is pretty much balanced atm …
Chrysalis burst nerf is a bit too much as well … it’s sad that the card was utilized as a tempo tool and not as originally intended as a control value tool i think … +2 mana is a bit hard but i guess it was needed so that the card is used only by decks commited to that line of play …

Overall an intresting patch, but i don’t think it will change the meta or affect it that much … maybe a few less magmar due to thumping’s nerf but arcanyst vanar will still rule the ladder …

–PS : When can we sign up for the Android beta/alpha testing and stuff so that we can get invitations ??


You’re doing the exact thing I’m accusing you of, not justifying anything. You’re saying: “Hey, earth heal is op, nevermind the fact that their maim general’s spell is entirely centred attacking with the general, or that they only have 1 way to reliable remove faraway minions that just got nerfed”.

I’ll admit magmar needs a look at, but earth heal is not op.


Where did I say that?

Look man i don’t hate magmar or anything but I’m trying to give different examples based on cards that have been changed and trying to make a discussion out of it.


I’m just saying comparing it to kelaino is out of line, since kelaino is pretty much a staple in most abyssian decks as well.


Ur prolly talking about hearthstone, definitely no control vanar there.


I wanted to get to this. I know you’ve shared this sentiment before, but as much as I can understand the idea and desire for buffs, not nerfs, I think this concept is terrible within its own merit.

Think of what this mentality would induce: By buffing up a card, yes we would see it more often in play. However, this may lead to it overpowering the other alternatives, making previous cards the new obsolete. For those obsolete cards to come into play would require those to then be buffed; but than other cards aren’t seeing play. With all these cards getting buffed, they might even begin competing with higher mana cards, which would then have to be buffed. So on and so forth and actual power creep would be surging through the cards.

Now this is extreme and one sided, but this does illustrate a real issue about the effects of a buff mentality. By utilizing both buffs and nerfs, proper power distribution can be (ideally) achieved and managed, which (in my perspective) would allow as many cards as possible to be viable for use.

2 thoughts/examples I’ve had lately relate to this topic perfectly.

Blood Tear Alchemist - 1 mana - 1/1 - keeps effect
Swamp Entangler - 1 mana - 1/2 - provoke

By nerfing BTA and buffing swamp entangler assists in creating the possibility of actually seeing more variety of 1 mana minions. Obviously, this approach could be used across the board, but these two have come to mind for me lately.


I have to second the support of nerfs over buffs (at least for the moment) on the grounds that as cards get increasingly powerful, we reach a point when every turn, you MUST answer whatever threat is played lest you let things snowball out of control, and essentially lose the game by turn 3 (I find this to be true when facing Vaath. I think games are pretty much decided by the time 3 turns have passed when that general is involved).

In short, games become less about skill and more about draws when cards are so good you don’t have to use them properly to win games.

If cards would ever be buffed, they would need to be currently unplayable (Swamp Entangler or ROOK level of unplayable). I wouldn’t be opposed to that happening in order to have more diversity in the meta.


The Windblade adept nerf was completely unnecessary imo.


Exactly, if doing what feels good were always the right thing to do the world would be a far different place.


That doesn’t make sense to me.
The intention is clear: Don’t allow double/triple Flash. But why implementing it that way? This just leads to misclicks/misplays without a good reason (or a reason that lies in the future that we don’t know but the Devs do).





thanks for the balancing, although i would like to point out that many of us acquired the bonds set due to specific cards like meltdown, so it would be logical that once we acquired such cards we would be able to disenchant/recreate them.


No, not really. Disenchant refund is based on the premise that you can craft it. Theres no other ways to get cards from Ancient Bonds or RotB. If you can’t craft them, it makes sense that you can’t disenchant them.


Meltdown isnt even from Ancient Bonds. The most you could receive would be some kind of gold, definitely not disenchant them


Seems pretty reasonable to offer some gold. A lot of people bought packs (with real money even) with full knowledge of the cards they were getting. Now those cards are worse. I don’t mind much because the Meltdown nerf is a net positive I think. Still, this is new territory for CPG, nerfing cards that can’t be disenchanted. It’s a bit of a bad precedent to offer nothing.


There are plenty of scenarios where ordering can cause misplays already. This one doesn’t seem that bad. Maybe it could say, “the next minion you play this turn costs 2 less than it’s total cost” but that wording is kind of clunky. I’m sure within a few games everyone will acclimate.


Yea, I agree that they should offer some sort of compensation.


My bad, missed this one. But it was not intentional)


being a vanar main myself from before bonds, it’s completely justified. metamorphosis in magmar costs one more mana and is only temporary. yes, enfeeble hits your own minions, but in a control deck you’re behind on board anyway


That’s not really meant serious, or?
Buffing and nerfing cards for keeping the game fair and balanced helps everyone and increases the fun playing the game.