Duelyst Patch 1.83 – Duelyst


I agree with you but why change the card now?


I understand each of the changes except the one to Windblade Adept. Was that card a problem? Regardless, I’m curious to see how things play out. Good patch, also the compression of multiple stat changes is a welcome change!


IMO, it’s not as much a problem as perhaps brining the card down to other 2-drop levels.


Yeah Wild Inceptor should be a 2 mana 2/2 imo.


Kind of sad to see so little love for cassy. Night fiend and other positional creep cards want to see play and would probably be good for the meta since having meaningful effects to play around creates differences in kind between matchups. Instead creep remainsa resource only, which is far less interesting.


Can someone give me an explanation why a faction that got one card killed and two cards nerfed should be better now then before regarding the meta? (This is meant seriously!)
This sounds really weird to me.

Besides of that no comment from my side - I was wrong too often in the past with my predictions.


The problem is that Magmar has so many great cards that even if they Nerf One of them (the only real Nerf here is thumping wave) the others are still here. Also Vanar, Wich is the only faction in par with Magmar in terms of overall strenght takes a big hit


Not that relevant but has someone an idea why Flash nerf has the text
"If the next card you play this turn is a minion…" and not just
"The next minion you play this turn…"
I see hundreds of misclicks incoming for no good reason.
There must be a reason to chose this lengthy explanation (and more complicated then needed mechanic). Or is it just: “Why make it simple if you can make it complex?”


This is made so you can’t use flash reincarnation multiple times to play a very big minion in early game. I agree it can lead to missclicks. I think, ccg knows about that and, probably, this was the best solution, or the fast one :smiley:


Anyway, his point is right.

Let’s assume that “If the next card you play this turn is a minion” is implemented pedantically. This means that, if I play Flash Reincarnation, followed by Natural Selection, followed by a minion, then the minion is not discounted and it does not take damage.

I guess they wanted to emphasize that the effect does not stack, but the formulation is convoluted. Also, it leaves space for the above scenario, which would admittedly be annoying and I don’t think devs like to thave in the game.

Can @Ryvirath clarify the point? Thanks!


Possible, but it doesn’t seem like the kind of thing CPG tends to do. Maybe it’s a design space issue?


That is correct Tsevech, in that scenario if you play a spell after Flash you will not get a discount on your minion.


Ohh ohhh I know…

Because almost every card in the faction got a good stats and too many cards are way over pressure, that’s why.
You got no punishment for mistakes when playing magmar…

Oh I misplaced my lavaslasher, it’s ok it’s 4/9 and if it get killed I can always use whatever + thumping, it warbeast.

Get real, magmar had it coming miles away.


well, i like just about all of these nerfs except the one for nosh-rak, and that’s mostly because i don’t understand it. I never really found it to be much of a problem on either side of the playing field since you A) have to get up to 7 mana and B) have to have something on the board to capitalize on it’s effect. I’m not complaining too much since they could have made another siphon tier nerf (dodged the bullet there)



(3/3 kelaino was something i did thought would never happen, evil laughter)

Meltdown is probably unplayable now but it’s better this way…i guess :smile:

Now let’s wait for android release :3


Enfeeble: I think 4 mana would have done it too, but it’s okay
Kelaino: I cry… I can see her at 1/4 but now it’s cannon fooder for everything
Thumping and Flash: Reduced tempo and burst, it’s okay
Chrysalis burst: Card is dead now at the moment
Windblade: It’s okay
Nosh-rak: Well i think it’s unnecessary, it was fine before.
Meltdown: good change


yeah, that’s the big thing. i’m not really complaining about the nosh-rak nerf. it just kind of came out of left field


Thanks! I hope this is not counterintuitive for players. Personally, I’m a computer scientist, so this kind of implication thingy is my daily bread, but it may be confusing for other guys…


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I find it funny that while this patch consists of nerfs only, the vast majority of community really likes it.

As for cards i think that every nerf is reasonable. But regarding the windblade adept…
I as a Lyonar main really like this change as adept was the card i had to put 3 of in every deck, but in order to maximize its potential i had to play somewhat agressive. Now i can truly play with other 2 drops without the feeling that i am shooting myself in the foot when not running adept.

This patch overall has heavily slowed down the game delaying finishers and changing all-round good cards and I am absolutely in love with this design philosophy.